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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Oh my word...I was trying to update the picture of Carie and I on our blog and now look!!! It's JUMBO! I don't know why this happen or more importantly why I can't fix this. So please excuse this while we work on it.

Monday Workout Recap
There's nothing to recap :( I had every intention of going in to get a little bit of work done and then to the gym for elliptical and upper body but when I got to work there was a bit more waiting for me than I expected so since I couldn't bail on work, I had to bail on the workout. Sad times.

Tuesday Workout Recap
Ran 5.08 miles/9:20 pace

I was up til midnight watching the last prequel of Star Wars with my kids so when 4:15am rolled around to wake up I didn't want to. There's something wrong with getting up at the crack of dawn every morning when school is out...don't you think? Me too, that's why I didn't. You think I would learn that sun+June+Alabama=STINKIN' HOT!!! That's what it was this morning at 6:15am! Gah!!!! This stinks! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hot, summer weather but just not running in it. My pace is slower, I sweat like a man and I want to give up like 1000x every minute.

Time to take shower cause I like my family and friends.
Have a blessed day! Jennifer

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