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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shots to the Hips...Ouch and YAY!!!

I have obviously been THE worst at blogging lately. I'm so sorry. I don't know what has gotten into me. Summer has been rolling along and we have spent a lot time at the pool. My lack of blogging has been in part to my lazy self and the other is that I have been out of town. Work took me to an AMAZING place called Alys Beach, Florida and I have to say I want to retire there. And when I say retire I mean move there now and quit working and lay out until I'm that wrinkley old lady running in the morning who's skin shows just how much fun I have had in the sun over the years.

My kids birthdays were the 4th and 5th of July and we had a great time. Walker wanted to golf and Riley wanted to go to the pool. I shall share photos later (I don't have my camera with me).

Workouts have been consistant but honestly can't remember them all to post them. You probably already know what they are.
Workout Recap:
Last week: 18 mile run, 8 mile run, 5 mile run, NO upper body and NO cross training (I was out of town and working! Poo!)
This Week:
Sunday: Rest day from long run
Monday: I can't remember...duh...that's not a good sign, huh?
Tuesday: Notta (bad, bad girl!)
Wednesday: 6.5 mile run, hard upper body workout with weights

I am leaving for the beach early in the morning and the plan is to run a couple times while I'm there. Carie is going so hopfully she will force me to get up and go. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to run...I just hate getting up to do it and lately want to stop all the way through but when I'm done I'm so happy I got up. I play mental games with myself all the time. Running at the beach is so pretty and I'm looking forward to doing it with my bestie...running by palm trees (my fav!), and then laying out the rest of the day.

The girls are each taking a friend with them Riley is taking Carie's oldest...they are besties, too) so this should be interesting (haha!). Time to go clean the car, laundry, pack, clean the house, take the alarm remote and key to our house/dog sitter, and a million other things. Hope to get recent pics up here today.

BIG NEWS: Today I go for pre-op at the hospital. Next week I am having bilateral hip injections under flouroscopy (sounds fancy). It's basically cortisone shots in my hips under x-ray. Hope this helps my stupid hip pain from my injury last November. The actual procedure only takes about 5 minutes per hip but they have to put me to sleep because a 4 inch needle sticking into my hip probably wouldn't be as fun as eating a huge bowl of fro-yo with large amounts of fresh fruit on it. Now I have to find someone to take me and pick me up and watch my kids...minor details (the Captain will be at a special thing they have going on at work). My family from Tuscan will be here so I may make the SIL do it. I have down played this to the Captain and he doesn't even realize they have to put me to sleep. I'm just going to go and do it and come home and chill. I don't want to make a big deal out of this but your prayers are appreciated. I pray this takes away my hip pain from my injury that has been plaguing me for SO long. I just want to run pain free!!!!!

Have a blessed day. I'll let you know how pre-op goes.

Have you ever had a procedure to alleviate pain from a running injury?
-Sadly, this injury has caused me to have several procedures. X-rays, Cat scan, MRI, cortisone injection, PT...and I'm still dealing with it!

What's your favorite beach to go to?
-I like ANY beach, and pool, and place with sunshine and palm trees.

Do you run on vacation or take advantage of the rest time and just be lazy?
-I totally play it by ear. I take my running gear everytime just in case and often am lazier than I am active. I will run this time since I am in training.

Friday, July 1, 2011


It's a beautiful morning for a 20 mile run! My first ever!

~ Carie

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just so you know......

We are alive! We survived the 18 mile long run last weekend! It was long, it was hard, we were tired, we were sweaty! That is the farthest I've ever ran......that is until this coming weekend when I run 20. Yikes! Wish us luck!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Out of Nothing at All....

I've never claimed to be the best blogger in the world, hence the week I apparently took off. Trust me it was completely un-intentional. I have so many ideas rolling around in my crazy little brain to blog about. However, this morning you are getting none of those "good" ideas. Nope, I have decided to give you a re-cap of what I've been up to this week, because I know you are very, very interested. (OK, just go with it...)

First of all, I want to show you guys what I am so proud of....

I made scones!! These are "Vanilla Bean Mini Scones" from Sarah over at Peas and Thank You! They were so easy and so good! My two youngest helped and they ate 2 a piece as soon as they were cool! I have been a little afraid of baking in the past, but recently I have done more and more and have discovered its not as hard as it looks!

All day yesterday I was craving enchiladas big time! (Mexican food seems to be a staple in my diet) My friend Jana makes the best enchiladas and I've made her recipe many times, but didn't have all the ingredients on hand and was in no mood to go to the store! After standing in front of the pantry and fridge for what seemed like forever, I discovered the leftover Black Bean Soup that I froze a couple of days ago. As I thought of the ingredients, I realized they very closely mirrored the ingredients of the filling for Jana's enchiladas! That's when complete and total genius hit. (OK, maybe it was hunger) I thawed the soup, rinsed it in a colander, and threw it into the food processor,

Then I added one tablespoon plus one teaspoon of tomato paste.

Here's a quick little tip on tomato paste. Buy it in the tube form, if you can find it. Many recipes call for just a little and then you are stuck with over half a can and have nothing else to use it for. With the tube, you can measure out just what you need and then stick the rest in the fridge!

After adding the paste, I gave it a little whirl and came out with this:


Next up was the enchilada sauce. I know you can buy a can or jar of enchilada sauce that is very good. However, homemade is delicious, you know what is in it, and it is so very easy!

Easy Enchilada Sauce (makes 2.5 cups)
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1 onion, minced fine
1/2 tsp. salt
3 tablespoons chili powder
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 teaspoons cumin
2 teaspoons sugar
2 (8 oz.) cans tomato sauce
1/2 c. water

Heat oil, add onion and salt and cook until onion is soft. Stir in next 4 ingredients, and cook for about 30 seconds. Stir in tomato sauce and water, simmer until thickened, around 5 minutes. Season with pepper to taste.

Easy, quick! I didn't have tomato sauce on hand so I subbed a can of diced tomatoes that I pureed in the food processor and omitted the water. A can of crushed tomatoes can be subbed as well, just be sure to leave out the water.

Here is the finished product!

Just so you know, your Hubby and kids may run into the kitchen while this is cooking because the smell will draw them in, neighbors may knock on the door and beg for a sample. It smells that good!

While the sauce was simmering, I took the pureed soup and spread it on tortillas, rolled them up and placed them seam side down in a baking dish I had coated with cooking spray. Then I spread a little sauce on top.

I topped them with shredded cheddar cheese (although you don't have to, but I was thinking I needed some extra protein in my diet, haha), placed them in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes and they came out looking like this:

I can't tell you how good and easy these are and everyone in my family loves them! I only made 3 because Big Sister is at church camp (but will be home today, good thing because I miss her!) and The Golden Boy had a client dinner.
I was hankering for something sweet after I did a full on kung-fu punch on my enchilada.

Enter two cut up peaches, strawberries and Rainier cherries! I love cherry season! My favorite is the Bing, but I like the Rainier as well. Our local farm stand also had peaches and the smell was amazing and drew me in! They were so good and juicy!

This little guy thought so too and requested a bowl just like mine!

Just in case you were wondering (and you are probably not) here is my work-out re-cap for the week:

Saturday: 16 mile long run with Jennifer
Sunday: Off day that was needed ,fo sho!
Monday: 3 mile easy run (9 minute pace)
Tuesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical and lower body strength workout
Wednesday: 9 mile run
Thursday: 1 hour on the spin bike, 2 mi run at 8:24 pace
Today: Upper body workout only (a good friend that runs marathons (hello 3:20!) says that she does absolutely nothing on her lower body the day before a long run, so I'm taking that advice!)

Tomorrow is our long run and I'm doing 18 (yikes)! Hopefully I won't be in the hospital or dead and can come back here and let you know how it went!

Have a wonderful weekend! Remember, Sunday is the Lord's Day, so do yourself a favor and find a place of worship and fellowship with His own!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rollin'...Rollin'...Rollin' on a Foam Roller

The lack of posts can only mean one things...I'm not sure what to write :( I'm working on something but it's not ready so I wondered , "Is something better than nothing?" Until that post is ready, here is a recap of my workouts.

Run 14 miles (with Carie...YAY!!!)
Started early (4:00am!!!) and took plenty of water breaks (I needed every one of them) so it wasn't too hot. Thank goodness!
*Side note-my hip was screaming at me afterwards...and on the right side where it WASN'T hurting since I recovered. UGH!!!!!! This scares me :-( Foam rolled like a MANIAC!

Happy Father's Day ~ Rest day
Foam rolled like a MANIAC..again.

Upper body (3 sets of 10)
-bench press
-tricep pulldowns
-cable rows
-incline butterflies with weights
-50 crunches
-squats with weights
Foam rolled, yet again.
*rested my legs/hips due to achiness

Run 5 miles (slow-easy on the hips)
Foam rolled.

I foam roll everyday but since my hip started giving me trouble I have spent more time on the floor on that thing than normal. Everytime someone in my family walks in the den I'm on that thing. <3 my foam roller.

I'll spare the picture because you might want dessert tonight and this could ruin your appetite but I lost yet another toenail. Two gone on on the same foot. Pretty.

Time to go eat my 3rd cupcake of the day.
Have a great night!

Have you ever lost a toenail? Does it happen all the time like me?
-I can't keep a toenail on the second toe.
Do you have an unusual obession with the foam roller like I do?
-Oh yeah, love it.
What do you do when an injury starts to yell at you?
-I try to listen to my body but want to continue training at the same time. It's hard to do.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend....

Today started out as a little of a let down. We woke up to this:

This is the view out my back door, and as you see, its raining. Not only did it rain last night, but the wet stuff decided to settle in a stay for a while. Like until 3pm! Jennifer and I had big plans to take the kiddos to the pool today (Friday is her day off work)so that we could layout and have a gab session (and eat ruebens and swedish fish!). I was a little bummed and so were my children at first, but they made the most of a free day at home and did some of this:

"Just Dance 2" Cardio and fun? Yes, please. After dancing with them for a bit (little brother joined the group as well, but he's not into dancing like the girls :), I decided to get productive! I started the laundry and set about prepping some food for the weekend.

I pulled out some veg and prepped them so I could make this:

Jana's Most Delicious Salsa!
Then I made some of this:

Mama Peas White Bean Guacamole! Its a favorite at our house!
Then, it was lunch time, so I made these:

Pineapple Chicken Quesidillas! I found the recipe over at Hungry Mom on the Run and have been drooling over them ever since!

Here's the finished product! They were excellent!
Next, I decided that supper needed to be tended to, so I started this:

This is a picture of the second step. The first was just a bunch of black beans floating in water in a black crockpot. Somehow, the picture turned out a little boring..... haha! After a couple of hours bubbling away, this is the result:
Vegatarian Black Bean Soup! Oh my yall! This was so good! I am so glad we have a crockpot full to eat the rest of the weekend. I even added a dollop of White Bean Guacamole, HIT. THE. SPOT.! I have been searching for a good black bean soup recipe ever since Jennifer and I had a Cuban version at a local sandwich shop. This is the best I have come up with and it definately made the cut!

We also have a guest tonight,

This is Jennifer's youngest with Big Sister and Little Sister. Big Sister and R are Besties, just like their moms!

Workout Re-cap:
Wednesday - 35 minutes total body strength training
Thursday - 6.5mi run
Friday - 45 minute upper body strength training (I try not to workout my lower body at all on Fridays since I do long runs on Saturdays!)

Tomorrow Jennifer and I have our long run! I'm excited, we've not been able to run together in some time! Yay!

Since I've worked hard to prep for the weekend I think I deserve a little of this,

And look, the sun has come to say hello!

Happy Friday! ~Carie

I always feel like, somebody's watching me....

Friday Workout:
30 minutes on the elliptical
Upper Body:
-bench press
-tricep pulldowns
-cable rows
-incline butterflies
-squats with weights
*skipped walking lunges with weights today because I have my long run tomorrow and the last time I fatigued my legs before my long run all I could think about was how I shouldn't have fatigued my legs before my long run.

Btw, my hip/groin felt Ahhhhmazing today! ROCKSTAR!!! Super excited about this and pray it feels as great tomorrow during my long run. The elderly man who comes into the gym every morning when I am there said today, "You are always on that thing so long you're gonna wear it out!" He's so cute! He thinks that because he spends 5 minutes on the treadmill before he moves on to the next machine. Next time I see him I hope I get up enough nerve to take his picture. HeHe ;)

Do you ever wonder if people are watching you workout? I always go the gym (our Country Club gym) really early while the family is still alseep so there is never anyone there...the way I like it. This is because I get to watch what I want to on TV, keep the lights out (it makes it hot in there), and talk to myself...out loud. Sometimes it's to comment on how cra-cra the people on the news are and other times just to convince myself to 'STAY ON THIS STINKIN' MACHINE...DON'T GET OFF...YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!" I ask this because there is a security camera in the gym (which is a welcome addition) and I always wonder if they review the tapes (yeah, I'm old...I said tapes) and laugh at me. In an effort to entertain them, just in case they do, I often make faces at the camera. In addition to making faces, I laugh at myself doing it. Please don't ask me to explain...just go with it.

Do you ever act silly just in case someone is watching?
-I do this at the gym as well as the ATM. Idk why.
What motivation do you use to keep yourself going during a hard/boring/lonely workout?
-I talk to myself, watch tv, think about my day, and pray.
Do you get super excited when you feel good when you fully expected to feel bad?
-You bet! I was PUMPED this morning about my hip!!! :)

Have a blessed day! We are being lazy around the Olive household...very L.A.Z.Y.