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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shots to the Hips...Ouch and YAY!!!

I have obviously been THE worst at blogging lately. I'm so sorry. I don't know what has gotten into me. Summer has been rolling along and we have spent a lot time at the pool. My lack of blogging has been in part to my lazy self and the other is that I have been out of town. Work took me to an AMAZING place called Alys Beach, Florida and I have to say I want to retire there. And when I say retire I mean move there now and quit working and lay out until I'm that wrinkley old lady running in the morning who's skin shows just how much fun I have had in the sun over the years.

My kids birthdays were the 4th and 5th of July and we had a great time. Walker wanted to golf and Riley wanted to go to the pool. I shall share photos later (I don't have my camera with me).

Workouts have been consistant but honestly can't remember them all to post them. You probably already know what they are.
Workout Recap:
Last week: 18 mile run, 8 mile run, 5 mile run, NO upper body and NO cross training (I was out of town and working! Poo!)
This Week:
Sunday: Rest day from long run
Monday: I can't remember...duh...that's not a good sign, huh?
Tuesday: Notta (bad, bad girl!)
Wednesday: 6.5 mile run, hard upper body workout with weights

I am leaving for the beach early in the morning and the plan is to run a couple times while I'm there. Carie is going so hopfully she will force me to get up and go. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to run...I just hate getting up to do it and lately want to stop all the way through but when I'm done I'm so happy I got up. I play mental games with myself all the time. Running at the beach is so pretty and I'm looking forward to doing it with my bestie...running by palm trees (my fav!), and then laying out the rest of the day.

The girls are each taking a friend with them Riley is taking Carie's oldest...they are besties, too) so this should be interesting (haha!). Time to go clean the car, laundry, pack, clean the house, take the alarm remote and key to our house/dog sitter, and a million other things. Hope to get recent pics up here today.

BIG NEWS: Today I go for pre-op at the hospital. Next week I am having bilateral hip injections under flouroscopy (sounds fancy). It's basically cortisone shots in my hips under x-ray. Hope this helps my stupid hip pain from my injury last November. The actual procedure only takes about 5 minutes per hip but they have to put me to sleep because a 4 inch needle sticking into my hip probably wouldn't be as fun as eating a huge bowl of fro-yo with large amounts of fresh fruit on it. Now I have to find someone to take me and pick me up and watch my kids...minor details (the Captain will be at a special thing they have going on at work). My family from Tuscan will be here so I may make the SIL do it. I have down played this to the Captain and he doesn't even realize they have to put me to sleep. I'm just going to go and do it and come home and chill. I don't want to make a big deal out of this but your prayers are appreciated. I pray this takes away my hip pain from my injury that has been plaguing me for SO long. I just want to run pain free!!!!!

Have a blessed day. I'll let you know how pre-op goes.

Have you ever had a procedure to alleviate pain from a running injury?
-Sadly, this injury has caused me to have several procedures. X-rays, Cat scan, MRI, cortisone injection, PT...and I'm still dealing with it!

What's your favorite beach to go to?
-I like ANY beach, and pool, and place with sunshine and palm trees.

Do you run on vacation or take advantage of the rest time and just be lazy?
-I totally play it by ear. I take my running gear everytime just in case and often am lazier than I am active. I will run this time since I am in training.

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