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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rollin'...Rollin'...Rollin' on a Foam Roller

The lack of posts can only mean one things...I'm not sure what to write :( I'm working on something but it's not ready so I wondered , "Is something better than nothing?" Until that post is ready, here is a recap of my workouts.

Run 14 miles (with Carie...YAY!!!)
Started early (4:00am!!!) and took plenty of water breaks (I needed every one of them) so it wasn't too hot. Thank goodness!
*Side note-my hip was screaming at me afterwards...and on the right side where it WASN'T hurting since I recovered. UGH!!!!!! This scares me :-( Foam rolled like a MANIAC!

Happy Father's Day ~ Rest day
Foam rolled like a MANIAC..again.

Upper body (3 sets of 10)
-bench press
-tricep pulldowns
-cable rows
-incline butterflies with weights
-50 crunches
-squats with weights
Foam rolled, yet again.
*rested my legs/hips due to achiness

Run 5 miles (slow-easy on the hips)
Foam rolled.

I foam roll everyday but since my hip started giving me trouble I have spent more time on the floor on that thing than normal. Everytime someone in my family walks in the den I'm on that thing. <3 my foam roller.

I'll spare the picture because you might want dessert tonight and this could ruin your appetite but I lost yet another toenail. Two gone on on the same foot. Pretty.

Time to go eat my 3rd cupcake of the day.
Have a great night!

Have you ever lost a toenail? Does it happen all the time like me?
-I can't keep a toenail on the second toe.
Do you have an unusual obession with the foam roller like I do?
-Oh yeah, love it.
What do you do when an injury starts to yell at you?
-I try to listen to my body but want to continue training at the same time. It's hard to do.

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