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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Morning

Good morning! As Jennifer stated earlier, we are having technical difficulties with ye old blog. Hopefully, I can work on it tonight and get the picture a little smaller! I'm thinking that a jumbo Carie is the last thing you want to see when you log in! I do like that picture of us though! It was taken last May at a 10k race. Not sure what is going on with my hand though!

Despite my kiddos being with my parents for the next couple of days I got up bright and early (because I am crazy like that) and did a super sweaty 45 minutes on the elliptical! (note to self: Call manager at the country club and beg that the temp be lowered in the gym from 74 degrees!). Since we are all about keeping you informed here at No Dieting, I will tell you that yesterday I ran 5.87 mi / 8.30 pace.

Today I have big plans......I'm going to buy new running shoes! I am currently about 150 miles over what I should have on a good pair of running shoes so today is the day! I am also in desperate need of energy gels, toe protectors (I lose toenails like nobodies business), and hopefully some socks! I also have plans to do some birthday shopping for someone you all know.....haha!

I hope to be back later today with a post especially for my good friend E.B. From Tennessee! Have a wonderful day!


Jennifer said...

Yay...the pic is fixed:) I LOVE getting new running gear...it just makes me feel better:) This heat is killing my runs...I can't stand it. I would MUCH rather run in the snow. By the way what are your favorite gels?

Carie said...

Hey Jennifer, I have discovered a new kind called Honey Stinger! They are so good! I was getting tired of Gu! However, if I can only find Gu, I like Chocolate Outrage, Vanilla Bean and Blackberry best. Imhate E-Gel and Powerade! Yuck!

Jennifer said...

I have used Honey Stingers for a while now. I can't stand Gu..it gags me.