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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Comfy Pants

Yesterday I got off early so the Captain to go to a meeting. It was nice, I tried to relax, the kids played on the laptops (that's why Wednesday's post is happening on Thursday..R had mine..even though we have count them 5 computers in this house!) and we didn't have to be anywhere.

I wish I could relax more..I mean, didn't have to start dinner, Captain was gone, kids were occupied...Yeah there was a pile of this that needed to be folded and put away but when has that ever bothered me?!

So I finally thought, "Why in the world am I still in work clothes?" and I quickly changed into comfy pants! What was I waiting for? Immediately I was more relaxed and all was right in the world. Instant calmness. Why can't we wear pj pants all day in everyday life? (Yes, I know this picture is sideways...it wouldn't rotate so just tilt your head)

Don't you think we would all be more productive if we were comfy all the time. I really think I would. I mean you already have those people who wear their pj pants to Wal-Mart anyway...they may be on to something. Hmmm...no. All this comfiness (is that spelled with an i or a y or is it really a word..I like it so I'm using it) got me thinking what else makes me feel comfy. I'm not talking happy, fun, or excited...I'm talking giving me a comfortable feel.

Pizza Hut. Yes, I LOVE pizza and you can kill two birds with one stone and put on the comfy pants SO you can eat a lot of pizza.

Candles. Something about a candle burning makes me feel good. Especially when the sun goes down. Shameless Plug: my friend owns a candle company called http://www.meadowbrookcandles.com/ and the scent below is Fugi Ginger :)

Oh wait...this doean't make me comfy but it sure does make me HAPPY! Besties day at the pool! Please ignore the greasey face and veiny hands on me...the sun has obviously been my friend over the years :( but it's not anymore.

Coffee with Hazelnut creamer. Love me some coffee in the morning when I get home from working out. It warms me up and gives me much needed energy for the day because I'm the idiot who gets about 4 hours of sleep on the average and then wakes up at like 4:15 to go run/work out.

Oscar. He's so wrinkley and soft and when I sit down he snuggles next to me and makes me feel comfy, too. His paws smell like Doritos and I love it. I don't know....they just do. Ask my kids, they think so too.

(Love that close up of my foot, don't you? At least I have all of my toenails because I am known to be missing at least one at all times. I curl my second toe when running and therefore my toenail isn't my friend.)

So when I was looking for funning pictures of people in Wal-Mart to put in my post, I came upon a picture that cracked me up but then quickly realized, hey, I better not be so quick to laugh. Remember the cruise we went on in April and stopped at a hat store because my kids (and I) wanted to try on the silly hats? Well, this is a picture of W with a weiner hat on (because we have a weiner dog, you know)...and she bought it!!! Well, I bought it. Sucker!!! Worst $25.00 I've ever spent until.....

I came across the Wal-Mart guy rockin' the same hat! This made it totally worth it. I really don't know why.

And the last picture is random but for your pure enjoyment. What in the world?!? Did the child just decide she couldn't ride E.T. style and go for the Superman instead?

What comforts you?

-I know it can't be this picture. I have more but I didn't want to totally bore you.

What do you do when you get off work early?

-Look at blogs, play with my kids, watch tv.

Do you think you would be more/less productive wearing comfy pants to work?

-More for sure!

Have a great day! Jennifer

*Excuse the overuse of the word "comfy" in this post*

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Carie said...

Boy am I looking bad in that picture! Bestie time at the pool makes me happy too! And you know how I feel about comfy pants!