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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Creature of Habit (or boring eater)

You know those diet/healthy living blogs where the blog author chronicles every single thing she/he eats in a day? I like those blogs, I really do. However, sometimes I get tired of seeing 20 pictures of their oatmeal every single morning. I do get a lot of ideas for meals from those blogs but I have a confession to make. You won't see that from me. Here is the main reason, and I am almost embarrassed to show you all this, but here goes. I am an extreme creature of habit.
I'll allow you to check the evidence and make a ruling on your own:

This is a salad with a cut up chicken burger (purchased at Sam's, they are sooo good). I have eaten this exact same salad at least 3 times this week.

Next up, we have something that looks like breakfast, and probably was on at least one occasion,

but I'm not too proud to eat eggs, toast and salad for lunch, two days in a row.

Even when I am with Jennifer, I usually can get her to eat the same thing,

Here we have our normal Country Club Grill lunch. A vegetarian Reuben, sweet potato fries and a Greek salad (shared of course). I think we've had this three times since the summer started!

I also eat lots of frozen yogurt! I ALWAYS get the tart flavors and load my cup with fruit.

And I am a little ashamed to admit that this has been my lunch (and lunch for my kids) on more than one occasion. (OK, maybe like 6 times...)

Here is a salad I tend to repeat like crazy.

Spinach, tomatoes, cottage cheese and tuna. I love it. It loves me.

Breakfast is so predictable,

This is a bowl of mixed up cereals. Kashi Heart to Heart, Natures Path Pumpkin Flax Granola and Grape Nuts. I pour vanilla almond milk on it. Its good. I eat it a lot. I know, boring.

A big bowl of veggies for lunch.

Is anyone still reading this post?

Yogurt pancakes.

I am totally in love with them. I could eat them daily. I have eaten them every day for a week before.

Here is a twist on scrambled eggs.

And it would be exciting except I probably ate this every morning for breakfast back in April because I was on my "Jana's best Salsa" kick. Oh, that sounds good, maybe I'll make some today!

Oh, wait, this is different,

No, just another bowl of veggies.

Question of the day:

Are you a creature of habit? If so, what foods/meals do you turn to often?
Yes, I am. The evidence speaks for itself, however, this proves that I am loyal! I eat eggs and salad, a lot!

Do you like eggs? What is your favorite way to eat them? Do you put anything on them? I love eggs, and I like to cook them any way possible. I love to top scrambled eggs with salsa.

Do you like frozen yogurt? What are your favorite flavors/toppings?
I adore it. My favorite flavors are the tart ones. Currently its Original Tart swirled with Pomegranate! I am a fan of our local yogurt place on Face book so I can see the menu daily, lets just say if they have Pomegranate that day I may or may not arrange my day to be somewhere near! My favorite toppings are fruit and granola. I am not a fan of candy as toppings nor am I a fan of frozen yogurt that tastes like ice cream!

Have a wonderful day. I have big plans. To lay out at the pool and read, ALL. BY. MYSELF.!

See Ya, Carie


Jennifer said...

I am very much a creature of habit...I eat a protein bar every single morning for breakfast unless we are on vacation or at the lake house. Right now I am on a peanut butter sandwich kick for lunch. It is easy and cheap and full of protein:) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I will reach my goal one day. This time weight loss has been REALLY slow but my body has changed a lot and I am not totally disgusted with it anymore:) 17 more pounds...I can do this!

Carie said...

17 is a little number girl! You can do it! You can't let a little number like 17 beat you!

Jennifer said...

So glad you are blogging again!!! You are great!

Carie said...

Thanks Jennifer! You are great too! Call me next time you are this way! Maybe we can have lunch! I promise I won't bore you with my food choices!

Small Town Runner said...

yes.. I am a creature of habit! It's simplifies my cooking for 5.

Eggs and salsa are yummy:)

Enjoy that pool time!!

Karen the "Hungry Mom" said...

Hi carie! Thanks for the blog comment! Love finding a runner who eats :) and yes totally w you about those "food blogs" that show 20 pictures of their oatmeal! Boring!! Your salads however look delicious :)

What marathon are you running? Mine is sept 11! We must be cut from the same cloth because I was totally planning on something mexican post LR :)

Carie said...

Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by! I adore Mexican and I know that when I cook it, everyone will eat it!