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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too Hot to Handle

NO! Get your pretty little minds out of the gutter! I mean the weather, not me! There is a heat advisory for the next couple of days around here! Yesterday the temp was 102! Yikes! And here in the deep south that's not just heat people, oh no, as if it weren't enough we've got the lovely humidity to deal with! The local weatherman calls it "The Air You Can Wear" and boy is he right!

I'm busy this week (is there ever a week that I don't say that?)! I've got somewhere I've got to be everyday this week and I am working on packing for the beach! Woo!Hoo!

I did manage to squeeze in a five mile run and some time to pray and read my Bible already this morning! Yeah! I call that productive even if I don't get anything else done! So here is my To-Do list, lets see what I can get done. I'm gonna edit this list throughout the day to try and keep my self accountable.

Run (done!)
Read Bible and Pray (done!) Make blueberry pancakes for kids breakfast (done!)
Unload dishwasher (done!)
Read to kids
Work with big sister in math workbook
Make beds (done!)
Finish putting away laundry(done!)
Make lunch (done!)
Make sandwiches for picnic tomorrow
Iron (done!) Start Packing
Meal plan for beach (we can't eat out every meal)
Address and mail Thank you notes (done!)
Make dinner
Clean bathrooms (done!)
Take kids to pool
Mop kitchen

Check back to see my progress!

Talk to you soon!


Jenn said...

Let's just discuss one item on your to-do list for a moment.
Now, I live in Montana. And before children I ironed everything I owned. The air here is so dry you go through a bottle of lotion a week. So it's not like the wrinkles come out as you wear the clothes, or so I thought...until I gave up ironing, and added a few more hours to my day...(alright hours might be a stretch, but at least 30 minutes.)
So I do not iron anything unless I have something special to go to, and I don't want them to know I am a mom...who just holds her baby extra close to press those wrinkles out. ;o)
So I move to strike ironing from the list! Can I get a second to that motion?

CM said...

Ha! Jen, I would strike it from the list except I do have somewhere I need to go today and on Thursday so, I will iron all those clothes at once. At least it will save me a little time. (I hope!) But normally I don't iron. I truly hate it.