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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just so you know, this is post number 100 on this blog! I wish I had something totally fab to tell you or some great little story, but not today. I am so boring right now! Ha!

I ran with the running group for the first time this morning. I met them at 5 a.m. and we did 5.5 miles. They usually do more but 2 of the girls had to dash home to get ready to be somewhere, so they cut it short today. They usually do between 7-9 miles during the week and longer runs (10-14 miles) on the weekends. Most of the girls are training for a marathon. It was fun and I will definitely do it again!

I am compiling a post on some tips for saving money, so be looking for that. By the way, if you didn't read the comments on the last post, AR mentioned that Aldi has milk for $1.99 a gallon all summer. Wal-mart will not match this price since it is unadvertised so you just have to run into Aldi to get your milk. I really like Aldi anyhow so that's no problem. I shop their produce, meat, canned goods and frozen foods sections. I haven't found anything that we did not like. Here's the scoop though. Don't expect a flashy store. Its clean and organized but they don't go out of their way to attract your attention with signs and pretty things, that's how they save you money. Make sure you have a quarter ready. You have to have one to use their carts. You put the quarter in, use your cart and when you return it you get the quarter back. Why? That's another way they save you money. They don't have to pay some cart boys to go out to the parking lot to collect the carts, they don't have to constantly replace broken carts that have gotten damaged by the weather and by cars hitting them. Also, they don't give you bags. You can buy their bags (5cents for paper, 10 cents for plastic) or bring your own. If I am going there and I know I am just getting a few items I try to take my market tote like this one, or my Land's End canvas tote. If you are shopping there and you see an empty box, grab it for your groceries. I'd say you can get away with doing around 90% of your shopping there. They have just the basics and a few specialty items.

If you are looking for inexpensive meal ideas consider looking here. A friend told me about this site. I haven't joined yet but I downloaded the sample "Fugal moms" menu and everything on there my family will eat and it was very economical.

Here's my final tip. If you are a mom, don't allow yourself to be swayed by the tastes of your children and don't become a short-order cook. Now, I'm not advocating cooking spicy foods that you know your children aren't going to like, but cook as you normally would. The rule in our house is you have to at least "try" it. The bite size has to be approved by mom and dad and they have to chew and swallow said bite. Most kids are shocked to learn that they actually do like the food on their plates if they just give it a chance. My 7, 4, and 2 year olds love broccoli, potato salad and cole-slaw. If your kids won't eat what you've fixed, too bad. I cook one meal and one meal only and if they don't want to eat it they can go to bed hungry. Trust me, this won't hurt your kids or stunt their growth. It will only take a few nights of going hungry till they learn to eat what you've fixed. Also, one big cause of kids not eating during meal time is that they are allowed to "snack" too close to time. If dinner time is at 6 p.m. at your house don't allow your kids to eat or drink anything past 4. If they are thirsty give them water. Kids filled up with juice or milk won't eat when time. If they have a snack at 3:30 or 4 there is no reason they can't wait till 6 to eat. I also don't make my kids clean their plates. They have to have at least 3 bites of everything on their plate and if they are full they can get up. If they have food left on their plates, it is wrapped up and saved for later. Now, here's the deal, if my kids come to me an hour of after dinner saying they are starving (of course they are, they didn't eat during dinner) then they are offered their leftovers. The saying in our house is "if you are too full to eat dinner, you are too full for snacks or candy". I'm telling you, just a few nights of this and your child will change their tune about meal time. And any doctor will tell you that your kids won't go hungry my missing a few meals. But you have to stick to your guns and be firm. They will try to wear you down!

Okay, sorry about getting on my soap box, but I have heard loads of complaints from friends whose kids "won't eat".

Anyhow, hope you all have a wonderful day! We are off to the pool!


A.D. said...

Happy 100th! Good job on the running and thanks for the tips! Hope you have fun at the pool today. I'm stuck at work :(!!

JKW said...

Congrats on the 100th post:) I have gotten so addicted to the exercise classes at the gym that I am having to figure out when to fit in running now...oops! I am trying to run atleast a mile or two everytime I go even after class.

It is so funny that you posted about Aldi...I went there today and bought so much stuff for $37.87...I am so proud! I tried it once before and wasn't impressed...but I think it was that I need to get over packaging and being loyal to brands...well I HAVE to...my hubby doesn't make bookoodles of money and I want to continue to stay home!

Oh how I wish your don't be a short order cook theory worked at this house....granted we could be more strict on K but she WON'T eat it if she doesn't want to....of course she just outgrew her milk allergy...but H is allergic to milk and potatoes so I have to work around all of that...it is NOT fun. H does eat pretty much anything though...but I still have to cook her seperate things due to his allergies.

Now that I have written a book...hope you had a great time at the pool:)

JKW said...

oops...that should say cook HIM seperate things due to his allergies...

Kate said...

I went to Aldi's in Australia and it saved me a lot of money!

The Mommy said...

Love Aldi! I think the 1.99 milk must not be nationwide though. Just bought some yesterday and it wasn't $1.99. Wish it had been!

AR said...

Woo Hoo Happy 100th!!! Don't worry about your soapbox, we all can use helpful/useful information.

Jenn said...

Not sure what Aldi is...pretty sure we don't have one here.
All good tips. Goob goes to bed hungry, and when she is done eatting she can be done eatting, but she has to stay at the table until the rest of us are done eatting. This usually gets her to eat a few more bites.
That and if I let her pour tabasco on it, she will eat just about anything. ROFL I am going to check out those frugal moms menus.

Jenn said...

I just discovered Aldi's.

Love it, and the cash it saves.

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Congrats on the 100th post!

Sara said...

Wish we had an Aldi in NOLA. Never heard of it but could definitely use some cheaper than $3.50 milk. Congrats on the 100th post!

Lori said...

I'm not sure I would like Aldi's, but I may just check it out, sounds like a lot of hassels, but if you really save as much as your leading me to believe, it might be worth a try.