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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Tomorrow the Fam and I are off to the Beach for 7 whole days of Sun and Sand! We are all so excited we can hardly stand it! Since I won't be around here to entertain you guys (I know, you are so, so, very sad) I decided to introduce you to some blogs I have discovered and because I am so sweet (and love you all so very much) I am giving you little linky's to click on! Miss me!

This girl is so funny! She made a New Years Resolution to use her Crock-Pot every single day for a year! Check out her recipes and get inspired! A Year of Crock Potting

This girl is doing the unthinkable! She is challenging herself to spend just $50 a week on groceries for her family of six! How do you feed a husband and 4 hungry kids on that little? Check it out! Grocery Cart Challenge

This girl has inspired me to make every meal beautiful (OK, inspiration is as far as I've gotten, but Rome wasn't built in a day people). She is living on a strict budget but still maintains a beautiful home and 2 very well dressed children. Check out her thrift store finds. Like Merchant Ships

This girl searches other peoples blogs for fabulous craft and home ideas! I spent like 2 hours looking at the posts on her sight! Run, don't walk to the Tip Junkie!

Want to get more organized? Go to the Org Junkie! Loads of tips on organization and keeping of the home. Org Junkie

Okay, big, huge families like the Duggars are fun, but that many kids is not for me. Neither is homeschooling. Having said that go check out the following blog just to see her header picture. Is that not the cutest family you've ever seen (aside from mine, of course)? Check out the little girl in the wellies and the dew rag! Ebeth

Want to get tips on decorating? Want some new recipes? Check out Blissfully Domestic.

This is not a new find. I used to go to this website all the time to look up recipes but somehow, I forgot about it. When I discovered "The Grocery Cart Challenge" I noticed that she was using links to this site to give you the recipes she is using. When I clicked on a few I realized that the nutritional info for almost every single recipe is on the page! No kidding! You could count fat, calories or Weight Watchers Points! Amazing! Recipe Zaar

So, that should keep you busy for the week. You all know I'll be getting up early every morning and running on the beach, right? (Bwaahaaahaaa)

See you soon!


AR said...

see ya tomorrow night chickie!
the m.r.'s together @ the beach,
what fun!!!!

JKW said...

Hope you are having fun...in case I forget to mention it when I see you...a girlfriend of mine just contacted me wanting me to the the Memphis half-marathon in December...uh-oh...can I do it..I don't know! I've got to get to training...YIKES!

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Thanks for the tips on the new blogs! I visited each one, and I think I've found some new faves as well.
Hope you're having a great vacation!