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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've been tagged!

Boo and Hooties Mom tagged me with a list of six quirky things about myself. Just six? Oh my. I'm not real sure which ones to list seeing as how I am a quirky person (I've probably got 100 little quirks) and I'm not sure which six quirks I would really want you guys to know about.

Okay here goes...

1) I hate to be late. I know hate is strong word but if you ask anyone who knows me in real life they would tell you that is the best adjective to describe how I feel about it. If I am running late my heart starts beating really fast and I start to sweat. I get upset and snap at everyone around me. (I know its really terrible). If I am late I let it ruin my entire day! I have even lied to friends who I know are not particularly punctual and told them to meet me somewhere 30 minutes before the actual time so as to not be late! Once when I was single I made 2 friends spend the night with me the night before we were to leave to go on a road trip so that I could insure that we would leave on time the next morning! I am working on it though and have prayed about it.

2)I am allergic to fresh apples. Weird huh? I can eat apple sauce, apple pie, apple dumplings and apple juice. But if I bite into a fresh apple my entire throat and mouth feels like its on fire. They do the same thing to my dad as well. I've only met one other person that has the same affliction, she's a teacher at my daughters school. None of my three children are allergic though.

3) I had 5 wisdom teeth. When I was 19 my wisdom teeth started growing in and giving me major pain as they were coming in sideways! When x-rays were taken a little tiny 5th wisdom tooth was discovered on the upper right hand side. When I had surgery to remove them the doctor couldn't quite get to the little tooth without possibly causing nerve damage so he decided to leave it and see if it would grow in straight. It did and it now resides in my mouth. It seriously is the size of a baby tooth! However it has no roots so one day it will fall out. When I'm having my teeth cleaned the dental hygienist always says "And there's the baby"!

4) When I am eating pizza at home I dip it in ketchup. I won't do it in public as I am too embarrassed to do it!

5)I have never seen a horror movie all the way through.

6)I can't stand the taste of miracle whip in sandwiches or anything else, but I will only eat Cole slaw dressing that is made with it.

I could go on and on but I'll spare you the boredom!

So I tag...


Here are the rules:
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Lori said...

Sounds like a fun one, I'll play along. Might take me a few days to get it done though.

I have to agree with your #1, I hate being late too, it drives me crazy, and I get all sweaty and irritable too.

Also I put ketchup on most anything, but I haven't considered pizza. I may just have to try it.

The apple thing is interesting, I never heard of it before.

ilovepink said...

I found your blog and I am enjoying reading it, Congrats on the health kick. It is sooo hard to find time to eat right and exercise wilth little ones. You should be applauded!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Hey i saw that you sell on ebay-if you'll send me your seller name I would love to check out yourstuff--I sell kids clothing too, sometimes and wouldn't it be great if we knew a little big about where the items came from? :)

Rachael said...

I put salt and pepper on my pizza. Never thought of ketchup. I do eat ketchup on eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches (and just about everything else for that matter!)

I HATE Miracle Whip. My ex-step dad used to slather it on everything...SO gross. I'm not sure if it's psychological or if I really dislike it, but if I know it's in something, I won't eat it!

I did the tag this morning. I was just checking back here to copy your link. It'll be up in a sec.

Happy Mother's Day, by the way!