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Friday, May 9, 2008

Things I'm loving today

I love all of the Cynthia Rowley things at Target right now! I need this beach tote! I think it might just be the perfect thing to carry all the kids pool toys in this summer!

Okay, so I'm not a big K-mart shopper but I spotted these in last Sunday's ad and they caught my eye first off because of the pink and green color scheme! There is a K-mart about a mile from my house so I decided it was worth a little look. These are seriously cute! They are acrylic and made similar to Tervis. You know insulated? Anyhow, I picked up 2 of them. They also had the above pitcher which I didn't get but I think would be oh-so-cute to serve lemonade from.

I had a fabric memo board in my kitchen for the longest but it sort of fell apart. I think this one would be a proper replacement for it.

I'm not very good at remembering to pick up cards for birthdays and holidays but if I had this cute organizer I think I might be forced to do a better job!


A.D. said...

I've been to Target several times this week trying to decide what new summer patio stuff I want. I love their madras print buckets and plates and I'm thinking about getting the kelly/blue striped beach tote (similar to yours only different pattern). I love Target!!!

AR said...

Saw the bag today along with all the other cool summer things by Cynthia Rowley! I want it ALL epically the plaid. So So cute!

JKW said...

Hey! I want to run in the race but Ken says the course is hilly...and I'm scared! I may go ahead and register and then ride over and look at the course and decide later. Oh...and my cousin told me that the triathalon that I was suppose to do the running part of in July but he cancelled on me...well he wants to do it again...oh goodness!

JKW said...

I will be there Thursday!!! The kiddos are both in MDO...so that will be GREAT!!