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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today I am tackling Mt. Washmore. Yep, its a dirty, dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. And by somebody I mean me cause Lord knows that nobody else is gonna do it. I had to go to Wal-mart which wasn't that bad since I went early and it wasn't as packed as usual. I slept in this morning which was great but it means that I will have to run tomorrow, Friday and Saturday (since I didn't run yesterday either and I'm trying to get 4 runs in a week). I went to the library this morning too. I checked out "The Memory Keepers Daughter". I am so excited to read it since it was recommended by several friends and its going to be a movie on Lifetime on April 12. I will be starting it tonight. And the 2 little ones and I had lunch with Hubs today which was fun. So all in all its been a pretty good day. Oh, and its sunny here and mild.

Thats all I got. Whats up with you today?


JKW said...

LOL..I like the term Mt. Washmore....funny! It IS a gorgeous day here...but I haven't done anything productive with it. I had my running clothes out..was up on time..but Big K had to be at work early and I didn't know it...UGH! I will try tomorrow..and then Friday I can't because I have to be in B'ham at 7:30a.m....so this week is shot:( Have a great rest of the day! I have so much to do before Awana tonight!

hawkitd said...

Hey girl. Do you or do you know anyone that has a heart rate monitor watch? I met with a dietician/nutrician yesterday to see if we can figure out a way to get things going again. She recommended using one to make sure I am staying in the zone and not above it. With all your product reviews, I didn't know if you might know anything about them. Searching on the net just makes it more confusing.

JKW said...

Hey Jen! I have one and it is great! Big K highly recommends them too...um..it is in the car..I'll look tonight and let you know what brand it is..Big K picked it out for me:)

CM said...

Hey Jen & Jen!

Yes I do have a heart rate monitor watch. I really like it. I got mine at Target. It was $50. They had one that was cheaper and one that was more expensive. I opted for middle of the road. I hope this helps.

hawkitd said...

I found a Polar brand at WalMart for $48. Apparently, there has not been a rush on them lately, because the package was covered in dust! I am going to use it tonight and see what happened. The lady I talked to wants me to do that and log everything for 2 weeks and come back.
Another question: I have the opposite problem you all have. I have not had a period since 2003. C was a C-section, and the OB/GYN's office has just said that I haven't had one because he sunctioned everything so well. Think that could have anything to do with it? I can lose inches, see changes in my body, but the BIG number does't move. Health care professionals don't seem to think so (and of course, I love it), but It is starting to make me wonder. Of course, my mom is "old school" about that sort of thing, and it just totally freaks her out!

JKW said...

Hey! Since you say you don't check your email..lol...please email me the name of the place you stayed at the beach the last time you met up with AR..we might go when they do at the end of the summer and that pool looks fun! Thanks!