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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where to start?

Oh my yall, this
is an awesome book! (Rach, I think you will love it, since our favorite book is the same.) I could not put it down! I was so drawn into the characters. I could totally relate to why they made the decisions they did and it broke my heart at how those decisions affected their lives! You have to read it (and do so my April 12th so you can watch the movie on Lifetime).

This week I was supposed to go to the Gynecologist for my annual showing (that's what I call it, don't you just love that? not the showing, the phrase). But I cancelled cause I just wasn't feeling up to it. I know, I know, bad excuse, but I will reschedule soon, I think.

Today has been horrible. We are getting new windows for our house. People its cold here today and the heat is off and there are men trekking Alabama red clay all on my carpets. Yes, you read that right. Have you ever had Alabama red clay on your beige carpeting? Well for those of you who reside in the northern parts of our great country let me tell you a little something. You may have heard it referred to as "Georgia Red Clay", "Mississippi Red Mud" or "Alabama Red Clay". Its red. That is the soil we have down here in the deep south. When said soil (and I'm not sure it qualifies as soil) hits fabric or carpet it DOES NOT COME OUT. Period. Not with a man named Stanley and all his Steamers, not with Resolve and not with that hyper Italian guy and all his "oxyclean". The Foreman of the bunch looks at me and says "oh I'll get that up". I wanted to tell him that he better get on his knees and start praying for God Almighty to send him a miracle cause his company may be replacing my carpet. Which could be a good thing. I'm not happy but I'm trying to keep this pretty little southern smile plastered on my face. They are almost done. Thank the Good Lord. The bad part is that next week we will be getting a new roof (due to hail damage) and new ceramic tile in the kitchen (due to the original tile not being properly installed) at the end of the month. I might be looney by May. Say a prayer sisters.


A.D. said...

I'll have to read that...I've been looking for a good book. I finally received Eat This, Not That...loved it. Every time we go out to eat, I consult it before I leave the house. I probably need to just start carrying it with me. One of my friends told me to get the Kung Pao chicken at PF Changs recently, and I was like, "No way...did you know that dish has 80 grams of fat!" Really, I think I'm a little too obsessed with knowing that...but at least it is a good obsession!
I always make my girl doctor visits a year in advance. That way, by the time it comes around, I've forgotten about it, and I don't find out until the day before that I have to go. If I didn't do this, I would just sit around dreading it until it was time to go!
I've been to AL several times...I know all about the red clay. You better just go ahead and start looking at new carpet!

JKW said...

Oh goodness...yep those people might as well write you a check for new carpet because that stuff does not come out! It is funny that "a.d" mentioned Eat This, Not That..I too consult it a lot and have recommended it to friends. We will come visit you if you are in a looney bin after this month...good grief that is a lot going on to your house! By the way my surgery is scheduled for May 9th! Yippee! Of course then I go to the mailbox today and a lovely envelope from my gyno is sitting there with a bill for $580 for our part....gotta love having to pay 20%! Oh and I guess I am the only person alive that doesn't just hate going to the gyno for my yearly...hmm..maybe something is wrong with me! Hope the running is going well...I am no longer going at 5:00 a.m....I just can't do it and survive all day. I did go yesterday after I dropped the kiddos off to MDO...yeah..I didn't do anything really fun..I went running...I guess that is a good thing! Are you all going to the beach at the end of July? I was looking at places online today trying to figure out how to coordinate going the same time as AR.

Rachael said...

CM -- I've read the book. I agree, it was good. I'll have to Tivo the movie. Thanks for the tip.

I grew up in OK and we had that red mud too. I thought it was just an Oklahoma thing. Who knew it was the whole deep south. huh.

And, I'd much rather go to the gyne than the dentist, but I procrastinate about going to both! (do as I say, not as I do...:))

AR said...

The title of the book you are recommending is not showing? But noticing on your comments a.d. mentioned it. Or is ET, NT a different book?

My prayers are with ya my sista, while you have many strange people
in your house the next month!