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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cause I know you want to know what I think

So, yesterday I promised that I would be back on, but I have a really good excuse! I got super busy cleaning house! I cleaned up the girls bedroom (my girls share a room, its not because they have to, its because they want to). This past weekend I was searching for a shoe that had been missing for sometime. My girls know that shoes belong in the closet, so that is where I looked first. I have to admit to you all that the closet in that room was a total disaster! So, next I looked under daughter #1's bed and nearly fainted at what I saw! Instead of cleaning up their room, they have been stashing everything under their beds! I know I probably should have known, but I honestly thought they were putting things where they belong! So, because of the gigantic mess not only in the closet but underneath both beds, we and by we I mean me and the girls together, cleaned out the closet, under the beds, toy boxes,etc. The room looks fabulous! We then sat and had a very long conversation about where things belong and why putting them in their places was so important (to save time, duh.). I think I got my point across, or at least I hope I did. And if the long lecture didn't work, the three hours spent cleaning said room did!

So, I promised you some product reviews and I aim to deliver on that promise

I can't stand for my Body Wash or soap to have a strong smell. I don't like highly perfumed scents or anything with a "musk" smell. I had heard this product was great and really made your skin feel soft but I was skeptical. I have never tried a soap or body wash that ever truly lived up to those claims. Since CVS had a $5 Extra Care Buck back on $15 worth of Dove products last week I decided to try this. I use Dove deodorant and shampoos so getting to $15 to get my $5 ECB was easy. Anyhow, I tried the Dove Beauty Body Wash the very first night and loved it. The scent is light and it really does moisturize your skin for hours! Great product and I will be buying this again!

Dear friends, I have a confession to make. I am totally addicted to lip balm. I can not stand for my lips to be dry in any form or fashion. I apply first thing in the morning, after breakfast, while I'm putting on make-up, at least 4 times during the day and right before I go to bed! No kidding. Up until this past weekend my favorite was the tried and true Carmex. But on Saturday I cheated on my long time love and found a new beau. Lypsyl Honey Rose lip balm is awesome! It smells absolutely wonderful and makes your lips soft for a very long time! I highly recommend this product. Also, until March 30 you can get this product at CVS for 2.99 with your Extra Care Card and get 2.99 back in Extra Care Bucks! Its like getting it for free. Here is what I did. Since I realized I liked it so much I used my ECB to buy a second tube, then used the ECB I got back on that one to buy another tube and so on (you get the picture)! CVS will allow you to do this 5 times before the end of the month. Ahhh, there's nothing like free lip balm!

That's all I have for you now Dear Ones. I will do my best to pop back on and tell you about the "3 sneakers" and give you a recipe tonight but I'm making no promises! Tonight its American Idol and The Biggest Loser!


JKW said...

I almost completely forgot it was Biggest Loser night...yippee! Thanks for the product reviews...I love product reviews! That is so funny about the girls room...I think I go through my kids rooms all the time but everytime I still can find a million things to get rid of and things are always in places they don't belong! By the way I just got home from the gyno and he recommended an ablation with a tubal at the same time...so I will be scheduling that ASAP!

CM said...

I didn't have a tubal with mine. I just got the ablation. I will tell you privately why I didn't have the tubal. Anyhow. The surgery was easy and the results are fabulous. I have like 1 day periods! I highly recommend you getting it done as soon as you can, you will not regret it!

JKW said...

Hey! Email or call me when you have a chance....I want to know why before I schedule mine! Thanks...oh and I am going to look into a crib tent...Deanne said the same thing you did!

Rachael said...

I'm a Carmex junkie too.

I swear we are like long lost sisters. It's really eerie.

CM said...

Oh that is so funny Rach! I read your blog sometimes and swear that I'm thinking or going through the same thing! HA!

A.D. said...

Don't you love how everything looks right after you finish cleaning...sigh, if only it would stay that way! I need to clean my house in the worst way, but I'm putting it off for a few days until I recover from my vacation! Thanks for the product reviews. I've been using Dove bodywash for sensitive skin for years and I LOVE it. I'm addicted to chap stick too so I'll have to try this out!