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Monday, March 24, 2008

I've missed you so! (or you can call it a potluck)

Yes, yes I know it has been more than a week since my last post, have you missed me? I have missed you bunches! I would like to say that the reason I haven't checked in here is because I have been busy (but that's not really an excuse anymore, since I am always busy) but the truth is that last week I struggled BIG TIME. I had major cravings for junk food, I had a hard time not snacking, I was very down on myself. I realized on Wednesday that I had gotten completely obsessed with the scale. I got to the point where I was not only weighing each morning, but I was also weighing every night before I went to bed and trying to predict what I would weigh when I got up the next morning! I know, it sounds crazy. I know I was doing it because I have put myself on this crazy time frame in which I would like to be at my goal weight. So, having not seen the scale move for 2 weeks was getting extremely frustrating. And then the light bulb appeared above my head. I'm getting very close to my goal weight and it is natural that the weight loss has slowed down. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, and I am seeing some nice definition in my arms and thighs. So, on Wednesday I promised I would not weigh myself until Monday (today). I realized that I just needed to relax about it, keep working out and eating right.

I know JKW is watching "The Biggest Loser", is anyone else? I'm totally hooked on that show right now and one reason is for the "Trainer Tips" they often give during the show right before they go to the commercial. One such tip was from "Bob the Trainer" and it was about having a "Cheat night". Huh? Cheat? While I'm dieting? Well, it seems that giving yourself permission to cheat for one meal a week will keep you on track, keep you from feeling deprived, and boost your metabolism. Since you are cutting calories all week your body can go into a "fasting state" and actually slow down your metabolism and store fat. Having one high calorie meal once a week should kick it back into gear. This is such a foreign concept to me, but I tried it last week and it really helped. It also gives you something to look forward to.

My first 5k will take place on April 26. I went into this program thinking that I really didn't care if I ever run in a race, but now that I am running around 4 miles every time I run, I think "why not?". There is a 5k less than 2 miles from my house that day. It is a flat run and its for charity. Very exciting!

So, this morning I weighed, 13 pounds gone! I am 2 pounds away from what I weighed when I met my husband 12 years ago! However, I am much more fit and feel so much better about myself.

Check back later today. I plan on telling you the "Tale of the 3 Sneakers", some product reviews and maybe sharing some Easter pics!

Also, check the side bar, I plan on logging the miles I run there starting with this mornings run!
Have a great day!


JKW said...

You go girl! I wish I could be back to what I weighed 13 years ago when I met Big K! Umm...lets see that would be 50 more pounds to lose! You are 2 pounds from goal...that is fantastic! Good luck on your 5k. I go to the doctor tomorrow to discuss my options...hysterectomy or ablasion and he has told me to wait on exercise...so still no gym..ugh!

Rachael said...

You have to serve FOOD at a potluck, even if you're dieting. Rules are rules. :)

I like the miles logged on the sidebar. Maybe I should do that too. Right now though, it's embarrassingly few...

I want to see the Easter pics -- please?