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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

strictly for my ninja

My youngest daughter is one of those kids that switches what activity she takes every chance she gets. Her most recent is Brazilian Jujitzu. Yeah, I didn't know what that was either. It's the kind of martial arts that takes you down, chokes you and then breaks your arm. Just what you want your 9 year old to know, I know. Before you nominate me "Mother Of The Year" for letting her take this, keep in mind, I knew it wouldn't last. She quickly earned her yellow belt and decided in celebration of her accomplishment she wanted me to make this cinnamon streudal.

You know we had to eat our weight ice cream with it!

Well, the dessert wasn't the best...too bready/cakey. But we still ate it. Are you kidding me?

So while my kids went to their Nanny's house, I decided I needed to stuff my face with Shrimp Lo Mein. This portion probably should feed more than one but you know I ate the whole thing! I had a long run the next morning and decided the carbs in the noodles was exactly what my body needed for it. It hurt so good...

What up with the fortune? I mean, I wanted some legit advice, something I could get excited about.

Whatever... I don't get it.

  • Do your kids switch from one thing to the next?

  • What chinese food is your favorite? Do you carb load before long runs?

  • Do you save your fortune if you like what it says?

Have a great night! Jennifer

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