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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday workout recap

NOTHING!!!! Today is my rest day for my long run tomorrow so my day will consist of the following:
-Pick up my kids form their Nanny's house (they spent the night)
-Go to Target to get the kids some play shorts and another bathing suit
-Laying out by the pool consuming copieus amount of Swedish Fish with Carie & the kids
-Saturday night movie night with the Captain and kids (this is were we all pile on the couch to
watch a movie of the kids choice and I fall alseep within the first 5 minutes..remember I have a
long run tomorrow before church)

Have great Saturday! I'll be back with pics of our pool shenanigans and much more!

Have you seen Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler & Jennifer Anniston?
-OH MY WORD...that's sooo funny! The Captain and I watched it last night!

Have and lazy Saturday plans?
-Pooltime baby!

When do you do your long runs?
-Mine range between Saturday and Sunday in the summer.

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