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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Did I Forget To Tell You Something???

Ok, so being forgetful is a serious downfall of mine these days...well, actually it always has been but more so now for some reason...I can't remember why. After my daughter's dance class I got a letter saying I forgot to pay April's dance fees. I thought surely this isn't true...me? Forget to pay dance? Why I'm always on top of things like that! After seaching through my checkbook determined to prove someone wrong, there was March dues, a lot made out to the girls school, Pizza Hut, violin dues (HA!...I paid that one!!!) and May dues for dance but no April... Ok, so I forget sometimes. Dance recital is around the corner so now is not the time to forget! So I make a mental note to pay that next time we go to dance practice. Don't forget!!!

Another thing I forgot to do is post a picture (and super simple) recipe for that awesome Reuben I made. I told you I would post it and well, I don't forget. This sandwhich is like ooey-gooey good, dressing dripping down your hands, you need several napkins just to wipe your hands off before you can pick up your water to take a drink, don't fix this if you're trying to look all cute in front of your husband kind of good. I'm serious about this! You may not have the same love thoughts as I do about this sandwhich after you make it but then you probably made it wrong. Haha!

Legendary Reuben
Pumpernickel Bread, Sourkraut, Baby Swiss Cheese, Thousand Island Dressing
Butter bread, layer all the goods (I use a bit extra cheese) and toast in a skillet. Yep, that's it. Told you it was simple...cause that's how I roll.

Some recents eats:

THE BEST fish tacos you will EVER eat in your life!!! This is serious stuff folks! These are from a local restaurant in Key West. Wish I could remember the name...the goodness that is fish tacos caused me to have some memory loss. As you can tell, I couldnt even wait to take a bite after the picture...one is half gone already.

Bear Naked Granola (with dried cranberries), skim milk, and coffee (lots of hazelnut cream).

Yogurt Mountain!!! LOVE! Original tart with blueberries, stawberries and blackberries.

Stuffed Mushrooms from The Cheesecake Factory. Oh My Word.... :)

The wonderful bread that I ate too much of at said restaurant.

Some kind of cheesey, shrimpy goodness with toast pieces that is glorious to say the least. I can't remember the name but it's soooo good. (Do I say that about everything?)

Do you forget things often? Does it bother you or are you pretty laid back about it?

Any legendary eats lately? Or are they all legendary like mine have been?

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