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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just a quick check in

Super Duper busy around here to say the least! (But, when is it not?) I had to hop on really fast to check in with you guys! I will be finishing week 9 of the C25K tomorrow! So, that means I am done with the program! However, I am not going to stop running! This is just the beginning people! We took a short little trip up to the mountains of Tennessee this past weekend so I hope to hop on here later tonight and tell you all a little about that. Oh, and the best news of all is that 11 pounds are now gone! YIPPEE!


Rachael said...

I can't remember now if I'm on week 4 or 5? Week 5, I think. As you can see I'm kind of fudging on the plan too, but using it as my "minimum".

Maybe you could start a 10K training plan next.

Would you still consider doing a race together this summer?

CM said...

Yep, I would, but I seriously need to get outside and run. I know its completely differant than it is on the treadmill!

JKW said...

Oh is it completely different...I couldn't do it Sunday..I about died..seriously!

Congrats on the 11 pounds!