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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Running, weight and being a good example!

Well, as I told yall (yes, I did say yall, and no, I am not ashamed of it, I am, naturally a Southern Belle, and no, I do not think it makes me sound unintelligent to say yall, thought you might like to know) in the last post, I pretty much threw the C25K out the window and am running for 30 minutes solid now every time I am at the gym. I ALMOST didn't go to the gym this morning. When the alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 4:45 I was verra, verra, tempted to press snooze. But I had to use the bathroom so I got up and almost went back to bed but I thought "I'm already up I might as well put on these clothes and go". BTW, that is a great tip for you. Always, always, get your workout clothes out the night before. That way there is one less excuse for not going. Also, put your running shoes right by the door. Anyhoo, I have to tell you all (or yall) that my car thermometor read 28 degrees out on the way to the gym. I thought I had lost my mind for getting up so early on a freezing cold day and heading to the gym! I know some of you (Rachael and Lori) are thinking "BooHoo, 28 degrees is nothing, you should feel the wind coming off Lake Michigan". Well, yes, you are right, I have felt the wind coming off Lake Michigan and it is verra verra cold. But if you will remember from the previous statement that I was born and raised in the south and I am convinced that when you grow up in a semi-tropical climate, your skin is just not think enough to handle cold temps. People it is freezing here! We got snow flurries off and on all day but of course none of it was sticking, we could never be that lucky! So, the point of this very long paragraph was to tell you that I got up, went to the gym, ran for 30 minutes and wondered if I had lost my mind. All before 6 a.m.

This weight thing is driving me nuts. One morning I'm down 10 pounds, the next morning it says just 9 and this morning it said 11. I'm so confused I don't know what to believe. Its not the scale either. Its a brand new digital weight watchers scale that weighed me very close to what the doctors scale weighed me last week( minus what my clothes and shoes weigh). I probably need to not weigh every day but to be honest I think its a sickness, I am totally addicted to it.

I have to tell you a some what funny story. When I first set out on this journey at the beginning of Janurary Hubby's words were "I'm happy for you, just don't make me suffer" meaning, you have to keep buying all my favorite snacks and fixing good meals. I complied because he doesn't need to lose weight and neither do the kids and its not fair for me to force this on them as well. I did however start cooking healthier without anyone really noticing! Ha! So anyways, he's noticed how I order at restaurants and told me how proud he is that I am sticking to this and he knows how hard it is for me to watch him scarf down all his favorite foods. Anyways, yesterday he comes home from work and tells me that he took a client to lunch at a local restaurant that is famous for their huge burgers and extra large bowls of pasta with sinfully good cream sauce. Then he asks me if I want to know what he ate. I said "No, because it is going to sound yummy and sinful and I am having a salad with grilled chicken for supper". But instead he tells me that he ordered the blackened Mahi Mahi with steamed veggies and a garden salad and that he didn't eat the rice that was served with the fish. So then I asked him why he ordered that and he says "I guess you are rubbing off on me". Hum, maybe I am!


JKW said...

Go CM GO! I totally agree that it is FREEZING here...I thought the same thing you did this morning...it was so cold that when I was walking into the gym the wind was taking my breath away...I NEVER want to move from the South...I can't stand cold weather. I too weigh myself everyday...but your weight does fluctuate day to day...I don't worry about it as long as I am losing something!

Rachael said...

28 degrees. Oh boo hoo. (Ha. Had to say it!). I totally understand, I HATE cold weather. Wish I was a Southern Belle too!

But 4:45 a.m.???!!! Yikes. Girl, you are crazy. But, good crazy.

AR said...

M is so sweet! Ya got a good man C!

I'm starting the gym soon, very soon. Ipod is ordered and getting ready for very much needed exercise. Since I'm losing my walking buddy, I gotta do something and the weather is not going to get warm anytime soon, so B is getting us a gym m-ship. God love 'em. Can't wait to get back into a routine. Been very lazy this winter.

Christy said...

The scale is an evil thing! I get on it twice a week and really don't know what I do that to myself sometimes. Before I stated running 'seriously' I had lost about 25lbs, after that and up until now....nothing! Frustrating sometimes. Oh, well just think of all that wonderful muscle you are building ;)