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Saturday, November 10, 2007

My thoughts have been confirmed!

This article was on the front page of our local paper this morning!

Holiday Healthy

Here come the holidays, and we all know what that means.

Chunks of cheesecake. Mounds of mashed potatoes. Turkey and dressing and cocktails, oh my.

Followed, of course, by a diet.

What will it be this time? Atkins? South Beach? How about the Chocolate Chip Cookie Diet or the Coconut Diet?

A better option? None of the above, according to people in the know. Rather, start listening to the signals that your body is constantly sending about when to eat and how much, and you'll be healthier. Throw in a little exercise, and you'll likely be lighter as well.

Most diets, by their very nature, are prescriptions for failure, says Linda Bacon, a nutritionist who has studied the phenomenon.
"Research certainly is showing us that dieting is useless," she says.


JKW said...

Hey CM! Yep..fad diets don't work. It is all about calories in and calories out. You should have heard the stories Big K would tell me when he was an exercise physiologist of how people would argue with him about this. Losing weight is not some magic thing...it comes down to only eating as much as your body can burn off in one day. The hard part is knowing when to stop and not overeating! Anyway...I eat breakfast everyday...so I guess I am already on board. What next weeks goal? Oh and I know I will not have lost any weight so I use this Monday as my starting weight and then post losses from there.

JKW said...

Good grief! I sound uneducated in my last response...I left out a few words!

CM said...

Its ok JKW, you have children. Even the most educated can lose brain cells when children are involved.