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Friday, June 17, 2011

I always feel like, somebody's watching me....

Friday Workout:
30 minutes on the elliptical
Upper Body:
-bench press
-tricep pulldowns
-cable rows
-incline butterflies
-squats with weights
*skipped walking lunges with weights today because I have my long run tomorrow and the last time I fatigued my legs before my long run all I could think about was how I shouldn't have fatigued my legs before my long run.

Btw, my hip/groin felt Ahhhhmazing today! ROCKSTAR!!! Super excited about this and pray it feels as great tomorrow during my long run. The elderly man who comes into the gym every morning when I am there said today, "You are always on that thing so long you're gonna wear it out!" He's so cute! He thinks that because he spends 5 minutes on the treadmill before he moves on to the next machine. Next time I see him I hope I get up enough nerve to take his picture. HeHe ;)

Do you ever wonder if people are watching you workout? I always go the gym (our Country Club gym) really early while the family is still alseep so there is never anyone there...the way I like it. This is because I get to watch what I want to on TV, keep the lights out (it makes it hot in there), and talk to myself...out loud. Sometimes it's to comment on how cra-cra the people on the news are and other times just to convince myself to 'STAY ON THIS STINKIN' MACHINE...DON'T GET OFF...YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!" I ask this because there is a security camera in the gym (which is a welcome addition) and I always wonder if they review the tapes (yeah, I'm old...I said tapes) and laugh at me. In an effort to entertain them, just in case they do, I often make faces at the camera. In addition to making faces, I laugh at myself doing it. Please don't ask me to explain...just go with it.

Do you ever act silly just in case someone is watching?
-I do this at the gym as well as the ATM. Idk why.
What motivation do you use to keep yourself going during a hard/boring/lonely workout?
-I talk to myself, watch tv, think about my day, and pray.
Do you get super excited when you feel good when you fully expected to feel bad?
-You bet! I was PUMPED this morning about my hip!!! :)

Have a blessed day! We are being lazy around the Olive household...very L.A.Z.Y.


Katie (Yes, I want cake) said...

Now I have your title song stuck in my head. :-)

And I always think people on the treadmill are watching me, which inspires me to workout harder - it's a pride thing, but it DOES motivate me, so whatever works!

Sarah said...

Yum! Love that guac! Thanks for the link love.