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Saturday, June 4, 2011

how did i miss it?...

As anyone who is a runner knows, Wednesday was National Running Day. Well, I missed it. I mean I read it on everyone else's blog but never wrote about it. Maybe it was because I enjoyed reading everyone else's blog so much instead.

After coming back from a serious injury (I plan on writing a 3 part series on my journey through that...yes, I said 3 parts...it was serious stuff) I am so blessed to be able to run again. I pray for God to give me endurance before each run and to protect my hip/groin area (that's what was injured) and afterwards, no matter how good or bad my run was, I thank God for blessing me with the ablility to run again.

So, on a delayed post for National Running Day, I want to say "Thank You" to the Lord for blessing me with the ability to run, to Carie for getting me started running in the first place, and to my family for listening to me talk about my pace, how I felt during mile 11, what time I was going to get up in the morning, planning my food around the family's to get my carbs in the night before a long run, and all the other crazy things we runners do.

I am blessed to call myself a runner!

Have a great Saturday! I got my long run in and now I'm headed to the pool with the kids to meet Carie for some serious pool-time ;-)



Jennifer said...

I planned all day to run my first run since a hip injury that happened to me 3 weeks ago and then it just didn't happen. I ran my first run today and am praising God for being able to run again too. I have been through so many injuries during my running career but God always gets me back at it in his timing:) (oh...this is Jennifer...Carie knows me:))

Jennifer said...

Jennifer..it's so good to hear from you!! I'm so sorry you have had a hip injury too. They are really hard to come back from because it's really hard to rest your hip. I really think I am injury prone and hate to hear you have had many. I praise God that you are able to run again and I pray you stay healthy. It's so hard to take the time we need and to remember God's timing is different than ours. Glad you're back!!! AND great to meet you! Thanks for commenting!