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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How can it be so hot so early in the morning? My early morning runs have turned into a sweatfest to say the least. I will spare you the sweaty pictures of myself because I know you really don' want to see them. I would actually be embarrased to post them. So I wore these compression sleeves on a recent run to see if I would feel a difference after or during the run. I really didn't but I suspect that my run wasn't long enought to see the benefits. I'm going to give it another shot with a longer run later.

(I wasn't quite sure which direction to turn this picture because either way it looked kinda funky.)

So a recent bike ride netted this sweet screen on my Garmin. Man, I love seeing stats like this. I sometimes find myself turning my watch back on throughout the day just to look at the mileage, calories burned and remind myself of the torture, I mean excitement that took place during that time. No really, I loved every second of it even though everyone next to me may have thought otherwise when I was climbing the hills.

(Yes, my arm looks as though I'm 65 years old and wrinkly. I know, I know.)

What kind of Garmin do you use? Or do you just enjoy the run without the stats?
I love my Garmin Foreruner 305 but doesn't it kinda look like it's from the 80's. I know there are newer ones out there but I just love this one. If you notice, sooo many people have this one!

Do you run in the morning or the evening? Is it crazy hot out in the mornings where you live?

Do you wear compression sleeves when you run or after or both? Do they help you? Any suggestions for maximum benefits?

Have a great evening...and I promise the next post won't take so long.


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