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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Help With the Writing

So... I am not sure if anyone is reading this blog anymore, haha! But I am going to try blogging again...(I know, I know!) But, this time I will have some help. As you can see the blog description has changed. My best friend Jennifer is going to help author this blog. I hope that this will make the blog a little more diverse and will give you a little more reading material!

Jennifer is a wife, mother and runner. Like me, she does her best to follow Christ in all she does while balancing a part-time job, home, family and exercising. I hope you enjoy her posts and that you will learn as much from her as I do everyday!

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E.B. in Tennessee said...

Happy to see you are back! I haven't blogged a whole lot since my son was born in March, but I'm trying to start up again, too :)
Love the new format/design and posts!