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Friday, June 6, 2008


This is my 6 year old. Back at the beginning of May her precious little brother accidentally knocked her very loose right front tooth out. We found the tooth lying on the driveway and all was well for the tooth fairy to come for a visit.

Fast forward to today. She has been going all week to a Vacation Bible School with a friend. Today being the last day she was very excited that there was going to be some "water" fun there. While trying to get into the "bubble pool" she was being very careful because she said it was slippery. She said she heard "Get In" from a little boy behind her and then a shove on the back. Poor EC landed face first in the pool. It knocked her other front tooth out (thankfully a baby tooth) and gave her a pretty fat lip. I got a call from the church to come pick her up. My momma hen instincts immediately came out and I was ready to give that little boy a fat lip of his own! HA! She's okay but she was so sad that she couldn't find the tooth to give to the tooth fairy. She has written the tooth fairy a sweet note explaining what happened. Of course the tooth fairy will not only leave extra money for this tooth but a note and a few prizes as well. Its the least she can do since loosing this particular tooth was a little traumatic.

But doesn't she look too cute with her toothless smile!


Jenn said...

Who would have guessed that VBS could be so dangerous?! Glad the tooth fairy is going to be generous with her!

Christel said...

Well, bless her little heart! I hate she got pushed... I know all about them Mama Hen instincts!
I also can't believe how much she favors you!! She's your little twin! : )

Rachael said...

Oh, poor thing. That lip looks painful! Hopefully the toothfairy can make it up to her!

BTW -- did you see my recent post? 'Cause I was hoping you and your husband were wanting to go to Chicago for a weekend. Say...a weekend there happens to be a 1/2 marathon??? Doesn't that sound fun?!

AR said...

Oh my, poor thing! I hope she is ok now? I'm sure her tooth fairy visit will truly cheer her up.

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I hope she is ok....She looks like she was a good sport posing for her picture!!!My son swallowed his first lost tooth and wrote a note to the fairy as well. My daughter had to write a note once as well and I think in years to come when we can take out those notes to show them they will get a good laugh. What a great memory!

N.M.B. said...

Look at those big eyes!! Goodness gracious! They're going to make some boy very weak one day!

Renee said...

Awww, I bet she was upset about her tooth! I hope the tooth fairy was good to her.