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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life is Cool at the Pool

Oh, the lazy days of summer. We are totally living it up around here! We were at the pool Friday, Saturday, Sunday, yesterday and today. And if all goes well, we will probably be there tomorrow! I know it sounds like a lot but the kids love it and I get to hang out with some friends.

This summer is much more relaxing for me at the pool. Last summer Little Man was only 18 months old and had not been walking long. I had to sit on the side of the kiddy pool the whole time I was there and make sure he didn't go under. This year he goes under, splashes, etc.! I can actually sit in a lounge chair, read a magazine (OK, I just skim the magazine, I've got one eye on the kids at all times), and talk to my friends.

Today some of us were sitting there talking and we were discussing how it is so nice to be there. Its like a little club (well, it really is a club, a country club, but you know what I mean). I looked around and remarked that I knew nearly everyone there. Everyone knows whose kid is whose, and if your kid is doing something they aren't supposed to do, they will let you know. There are lifeguards on duty, but I honestly think the mom eyes are better!

Most of all I love that my kids are getting these memories. Lazy days spent at the pool with friends, coming home completely exhausted and barely getting a bath before falling into bed, blood shot eyes from the chlorine and cute pink cheeks! How do I make time slow down so I can savor these moments a little longer?

This is not normal, she's usually running around and splashing and swimming but I made her sit out so that I could re-apply sunblock

She is too cool for you hanging out on the side of the pool! (In pink and green,natch)

Here's Little Man trying to figure out how to escape from the kiddy pool area!


Kate said...

Too cute!

Totally agree-my favorite summer days were spent at my neighbor's pool with all of my friends from the neighborhood :)

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Your children are beautiful!! Enjoy every moment! We as well enjoy our club although I always say we are the late shift at the pool...my kids are so fair and my son has bright orange/red hair so we really can't be in the sun the whole day!! The memories are wonderful!!!

Christel said...

You guys are having a blast it seems! This will be a summer you all remember most : ) I wish time could slow down too, but I don't know how to stop the clock... Enjoy each moment as they come! Looks like you are! : )

Jenn said...

We live just a few houses down from the city pee pond (aka the kiddie pool) My kids love it...well Goob does, Sissy has yet to be there...it opens this weekend. I am super excited! Especially since I will be rockin the bikini WITHOUT the preggo belly this summer. ROFL
I love summer! Those suits are too cute on your girls and the floaties are a kick! ;o)

JulieMc said...

Ya'll are so lucky to have such a great place to go!! I can't believe how EC has grown! All your children are just precious! I hope to see you soon!

ilovepink said...

My husband and I grew up in that kind of environment...CC pool where you knew everyone. We want that for our family. The CC we belong to is in the process of building a pool. I hope it really happens. I guess with the lake here, people don't miss the pool atmosphere. I sure have fond memories of summers at the pool and hope we get one soon! (The princess had that Chez Ami suit last year and I just loved it!!!)So glad ya'll are enjoying these summer days!

Renee said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend these hot days! I want to take Anna to a pool, but I don't know where to go. I don't trust a lot of these around here! The kiddos are getting so big-we all need to get together and play soon!