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Monday, April 7, 2008

Morning Indulgence

Rachael asked the question "What's your morning drink of choice? Coffee, Tea or Juice?"

Well, I adore coffee. The funny thing about that is that I didn't really start drinking it until after baby #3 was born. I quickly realized that I had to have that jolt of a.m. caffiene to keep up with a newborn, a 22 month old and a 4.5 year old.

I am a one cup a day kind of girl though, and during the week Hubby drinks his coffee at the office so its pointless for me to make an entire pot. (plus, I'm a really horrible coffee maker) So, last year we purchased the Black and Decker "Home Cafe" one cup coffee maker. It uses these little pods to make just one cup at a time. It truly makes perfect coffee and although the instructions say to only use their brand of pods, I've found that the Senseo pods work with it as well giving be a bigger variety of types of coffee I can try.

Black coffee? Nah! That would be like getting dressed and not accessorizing! I use 2 packets of Splenda and 1 Tablespoon of Coffee Mate creamer. Right now I'm using "Marshmellow Mocha" but most of the time its "French Vanilla".

On the weekends when Hubby is home he makes a big pot of coffee every morning and he is a good coffee maker! Right now we use "Community Coffee Medium Roast". This coffee is hard to find where we live (I've only found 2 stores that carry it), its a Louisiana based company and anywhere you go in that state you can pretty much guarantee they are going to serve you Community Coffee. It really is good and now Hubs has the people in his office addicted to it as well.

So, what's your morning drink of choice?

PS. On Rachaels blog there is a discussion of chocolate. I love chocolate. The darker the better too. What about you? Milk Chocolate, dark, or none at all?


JKW said...

My morning drink is Diet Coke...yep..I didn't last long on giving them up! I am trying to cut down on them though! I don't like coffee...actually the smell of it gives me a headache. I do like a mocha or a cappuccino from Starbucks every now and then. Oh and I LOVE milk chocolate...dark chocolate is too bitter to me.

AR said...

If I could have a chai' hot or cold every am I would. I'm not a coffee drinker although B is. I guess my drink is water. Oh and a dove milk chocolate is my fav. Don't like dark chocolate, I'm with JKW too bitter.

Rachael said...

Dark all the way baby! I think a miniature Hershey's Special Dark or a little red-wrapped square of Dove Dark chocolate are quite possibly the world's most perfect foods.

I'm surprised you like your coffee all "frou-frou", you dark chocolate lover, you! I like the pure taste of a richly smooth and strong black coffee. But, I suppose I'm not the world's best accessorizer either...

Rachael said...

Wait...now I can't remember if the dark doves are red or blue? My husband likes the milk chocolate and I always have to double check to make sure I don't waste my calories on those!

Jitterbug said...

I'm the same way! Didn't start drinking coffee until baby #3 came along. So, now I drink every morning that I don't workout early...and I use WAY too much creamer...definitely "frou-frou"! :)

CM said...

Jenn! Give up the Diet Coke! I promise you will feel so much better! I didn't even realize I was feeling bad until I gave it up!

AR, I knew yours would be Chai! I had no idea you didn't like Dark Chocolate!

Rachael, we are so much alike! Ha! The Dove Dark Chocolate is red. I know because I have a stash in the fridge right now! And I love Hershey's special Dark! I will go through the bag of miniatures and pick all those out. They never put enough in the bag though.

And Jitter! Where have you been? I have to tell you that my feelings are hurt that I haven't been invited to your private blog! I hope you all are well!

Jitterbug said...

I did invite you! And you didn't respond....I'll send again.

LSU Melanie said...

Starbucks tall coffee in a grande cup with alot of cold skim milk...I know I am strange, but it is VERY tasty!