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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a friendly letter

Dear Belk Purchaser,

First of all thank you so much for the not one, but two $10 off any purchase coupons you recently sent me. I was delighted to receive $20 toward ther purchase of some clothing since I have recently lost 14 pounds and am in need of some new pants.

However, I saw a misprint in your store. Instead of reading "Petite Department" I think the sign should read "Old and Short Department". I feel the obvious demographic your are trying to reach is the 70+ group. Am I wrong? Let us look at the evidence.

Pants with elastic waist even in smaller sizes. The last time I wore elastic waist pants that were not made for lounging or working out I was 39 weeks pregnant and a little on the rolly-polly side. After giving birth I swore that I would never wear another pair of elastic waist pants again and 2 years , 5 months, 22 days and 6 hours later, I have kept my word.

Alfred Dunner. Who is he? And most importantly why do you carry his clothes? Now, I will admit that Garanimals are pretty darn cute on my 2 and 4 year olds, but at 31 ( and still trying to at least appear to be a little "hot") I do not fancy an outfit of polyester elastic waist pants, matching jacket, and coordinating blouse. My mother-in-law loves Alfred Dunner, she's 80.

I know that one day many years ago when you were just a rookie purchasing in housewares trying to work your way up to the big leagues in ladies apparel that you received a memo that said "All petite women are old and enjoy wearing synthetic fabics". Well, I am here to tell you that that memo was a lie. Some ignorant man came up with that rule. All petite women are not old. We are 25 and 41 and all ages in between. We like pants with real waists and clothing made out of real fabric. And don't give me some lame story about how Belk doesn't carry high-end labels. I have been to your flagship store in Charlotte, North Carolina and I was quite impressed by the many labels I saw there (Juicy Couture, Lilly Pulitzer and a ton of Ralph Lauren).

So, please throw a 5 foot tall, 31 year old mother of 3 a bone. Give me some clothes that fit me and look good on me!

Yours Truly,


PS. Since you got "peeps" in the fashion world, feel free to forward this letter to them. Haute Couture in petite sizes? Me likey!


Rachael said...

OK...you're freaking me out. I just posted about peeps today. Please tell me you read my post and we didn't both just spontaneously do that.

5'? Ah, you're just a short little thing. Please also don't tell me that you are a size 0. (
Even with the weight loss and all...)

But 14#?! Yeah for you. Send some of that magic my way.

AR said...

I'm so with ya my sista'! ;)on the size 0

JKW said...

This is so true! I can sometimes wear petites...I am 5'4 (well actually 5'3 3/4") which is right at the cutoff for petites. Everything has elastic and looks like something 80 year old women should wear! I DO NOT want to go shopping with you and AR any time soon... you skinny...well women..I won't say that word;) AR is my fashion consultant so I guess I have to keep shopping with her...hmmph!