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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sorry to keep you waiting!

I know I promised to get back on here last night and tell you about the crazy day I had, but I just didn't get the chance! So, here I am to tell you all about it!

Yesterday started with promise. I got up at 4:45 and headed to the gym and ran 4.25 miles on the treadmill! I checked the weather when I got home and found out that most of this week the weather here will be in the low 60's, so I decided that it was time for me to get a pedicure so that I could wear flip-flops. I took both of the little ones to preschool and headed to the nail salon. I decided to try a new place in town that a lot of friends have told me is wonderful. It is so beautiful. The decorations are very girly and plush with beautiful fabrics and big over stuffed chairs. This was my kind of place. The girl who did my pedicure was so nice and we struck up a conversation immediately. She told me that my feet looked great. She said that most people have dry, cracked, neglected feet after the long winter and that unfortunately they often ignore them during the cold weather because naturally no one sees them. (I really try to moisturize my feet everyday and put a ton of lotion on them everyday right before I put my socks on.) Anyhow, we're talking, she's working on my feet and then she stops and says "Are you a runner?". Let me just say right here, I was shocked by that question. My first thoughts were , Am I?, Should I say yes?, Does running for 10 weeks qualify me as a runner?, How does she know?, why is she asking?, do I look like a runner? So I decided to say yes. I asked her how she knew and she pointed to the tip of my second toe on my right foot and said "that callus is typical for runners with feet like yours" (feet like mine, meaning my second toe is longer than my first.). I had no idea I had a callus from running! I guess that officially qualifies me as an honest-to-goodness runner! She said she wasn't going to remove it because that is my bodies way of protecting my feet. She did recommend that I make a homemade moisturizer out of Vaseline, the thickest moisturizer is own and baby lotion. So I did that last night and my feet feel awesome!

After my pedicure I grabbed a bite to eat and went shoe shopping (didn't buy anything, but drooled over a pair of yellow box flip flops). By this time it was time for me to pick up the kiddos. I always get A from her class first because it is upstairs and I don't want to drag C up there with me (he's slow on the stairs). So, I get her and head downstairs and when I get to his class his teacher is holding him and I can tell he's been crying. She says "I guess you've heard.". No, I hadn't , it turns out that just a few minutes before C decided that it would be great fun to stick a popcorn kernel up his nose! She didn't catch him in time and it was in there so far I couldn't see it! So, I called to pediatrician and they said to come right in. When we get there the doctor has a hard time finding it but when she finally does she says it is just too deep for her to get out and asks if we have an ENT we prefer (we do, he's a friend of ours) and says we are going to have to go there to have it removed, but not before paying my $25 co-pay, of course. So, C and I head to the ENT's office. He looks in and says "That's deep". He then proceeds to tell me that the only way he can get it out without doing any damage is to put him to sleep. C is only 2 1/2 and he said it would be impossible to get it out with him wiggling around. So, we had to schedule a surgery and the surgery center for Thursday morning. (and pay another $25 co-pay) Yes, you heard me right! This afternoon I will be taking him there for his pre-op. So for all of those keeping track: Number of surgeries for our house this week - 2, number of pre-ops - 2, number of doctors office visits - 3. Amount payed in co-pays $175, With $100 more to pay at the surgery center. I guess I won't be buying those flip-flops. Needless to say it isn't giving him any pain so it can wait till tomorrow morning, but not much longer than that, it might start to get infected. I tell you , life is never boring here!

On a running update I have logged 8.75 miles so far this week, and I have 1 callus!


JKW said...

Good grief! I can't wait until H gets older and decides to do crazy boy things like that! Bless your heart! That is definitely one to write down to remember to tell him when he gets older! Congrats on the 8.75 miles and the callus...that is funny!

Oh..and how fast are you running? Read my new blog...I am confused!

A.D. said...

OMG, that is so funny. I'm glad you got your run in early. If you had waited to run later, you never would have been able to with all of the chaos. I just checked my toe...no callus yet. I've never really hoped for a callus before, but now I want one to show that I'm a runner! Congrats on the 8.75 (and the callus)!

Rachael said...

just wait...increase your mileage too much and those runner's feet can take a nasty turn. back in the day, when i could truly call myself a runner, i lost both my big toenails due to pressure bruises and then had to spend a jamaican vacation toenail-less. ugh. not to discourage you or anything...keep running, girl, you're doing awesome!

and, your poor baby...aren't they afraid he'll aspirate it? it must
be really lodged. poor thing. what is it with boys and sticking stuff up their noses? at least my Ben chose a yo-go, so if i couldn't get it out...at least it'd melt. hope everything goes okay.

also...just so you know, i'm not averse to capitalization, but i'm typing on my pentab at work and it's kinda hard to to do that. next thing you know, i'll start talking text-speak from work. rotfl.