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Friday, February 8, 2008

I did it!!

Woo Hoo! I just completed week 5 of the C25K! I can not believe that I actually ran for a solid 20 minutes!! But I have to tell you that after about 12 minutes it was a piece of cake until the last 3 minutes which I thought would never pass! I can not tell you how proud I am of myself right now! To think that I was not even exercising this time 5 weeks ago is absolutely amazing to me. People have told me that once you start running that you get addicted to it, but I never believed them. Now, I am a believer! I look forward to it and I feel so great afterwards!

On other news, I had a huge wardrobe crisis yesterday morning. I was getting ready for the day and decided that I wanted to wear slacks. I own 9 pair of slacks. I got my favorite pair out and they were too big! Next, I pulled out the other pairs only to realize that they were each too big! I can only wear 2 pair and both of those are a little big! I can not believe it! The changes I am seeing in my body right now are not only in weight but in muscle. I feel leaner!

So, anyone else in? This program has changed me dramatically! You just have to get rid of all the excuses and do it! I have 3 kids, a run a program for K-2 grade kids at my church, I'm in the Junior League and just got a position on the board, I volunteer at a local preschool, I'm a homeroom mom, I'm on the Ladies Ministry Committee at my church and I'm my 6 year olds cheerleading coach. Yes, I am busy but I have made this a priority!


JKW said...

Way to go CM!!! That is great...running is addictive. I am addicted too and it is killing me that sickness has kept me away this week! Sorry the party was cancelled today!

Rachael said...

Way to go. Good for you. I see a 10K in your future. Once you get that 1st 5K under your belt, you'll be hooked.

I finished week 1, and it really was not that hard to fit it in. I guess all the excuses I've been making up for so long were just that: excuses.

Geez. I would LOVE to have that problem with my pants not fitting. Perhaps in 4 more weeks? I'm trying to be better with the eating too. After my Fat Tuesday free-for-all, I've been really good that last couple of days.

Christy said...

Just stumbled across your blog, and wanted to say congrats onthe running! I myself started last year and died when I tried to run 3K...not I am training for my first half. It is very addictive. Keep it up :)

LSU Melanie said...

WOW!! Congrats to you!!!! Very exciting, to celebrate I would buy a new pair of pants, you deserve it!!! I too am running my first 5K Feb. 23..wish me luck..I am alittle concerned b/c I am was about to start week #5 and got sick so I am back to week 4...but my goal is to finish and that I can do!!! I enjoy your blog..keep it up!