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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Menu Planning!!

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Good Monday Morning! We have a busy week on tap here at the Mc house, so of course meal planning is a must. Once again I will be relying almost entirely on my crock-pot to do the work for me. I love knowing that there is a meal just cooking away for me and I won't do the "Oh-my-stars-what-will-I-feed-these-crazy-kids-for-dinner" dance at 5 pm! Hallelujah!

This week I am making 3 crock-pot recipes that have been recommended. Boo and Hooties Mom posted a chicken recipe that her kids love on her blog and that's what is on the menu for tonight. My good friend Meia (who reads this blog but NEVER,EVER comments (psst, Meia, click on the words 0 comments at the bottom of this post, then follow the directions)) sent me 3 recipes with my birthday card 2 weeks ago. She had read my post on using the crock-pot and being a busy mom of 4 she had a few favorites she wanted to share. Meia is a great cook and has given me many recipes that we have enjoyed over the years! A few years back she shared a recipe for "Spring Chicken Soup" and I have made it every single fall and winter at least 3-4 times.

Speaking of soup, I am so ready for the cooler weather to be here. We still have high temps of around 85 degrees here during the day. Not exactly soup weather. At least not for me. I am a weirdo when it comes to soup. I love it. However, I simply can not bring my self to make it or eat it when the weather is warm. As soon as it cools off though, I'm digging around for my favorite recipes.

Anyhow, back to the meal planning. Anyone else planning this week? I spoke with AR on Saturday night and she already had her menu planned for the next week and a half! Impressive!

Here's whats going down at the Mc House:

Monday - Boo and Hooties Mommas chicken
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Meia's crockpot stroganoff*
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Meia's Oriental Chicken*
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Out**

Speaking of leftovers, how does everyone feel about those? I'll tell you, when I was growing up, if you didn't eat leftovers, you didn't eat. Last weekend, my husband walked over to our neighbors house to watch the football game. We had already had dinner and the kids and I were winding down for the night with a stack of books. When he arrived he told me that the neighbors were just finishing up dinner. He said that the wife was cleaning the kitchen and he watched as she dumped a only half-eaten bowl of scalloped potatoes and 2 perfectly good steaks into the trash can. He asked "Aren't you going to save those?" the wife replied " We don't eat left-overs, ewwwww." Hubs didn't say anything else. But, he was shocked. Are we weird that we eat them? How do you guys feel about them.

*If anyone is interested in these recipes, I will post them, just let me know.
** We like to eat out on Sundays with friends from church.


JKW said...

Interested...Interested...lol! My goal is to start over with eating healthy again. I am going to try to do great all day and then be reasonable at night. I definitely need to break out the old crockpot...we are busy around here this week with soccer, pta, church, etc.

Rachael said...

I want to see the crock-pot stroganoff recipe! I might be able to change it up to make it vegetarian with the soy crumbles, and I'm loving this crock-pot cooking business! (BTW -- had to buy a new crockpot when I tried your lasagna recipe because I couldn't find the (probably broken) lid for mine!) I had a lot of false starts with that recipe, but I'm good to go now! lol.

I need to do more menu planning. I'm always scratching my head at 5:30 with whining hungry kids in the background.

Left-overs: I can't stand not to save them, but honestly: no one (except me) will eat them, and they usually get thrown away after they go bad and look disgusting.

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I hope you like the recipe!!!!!!!

I would love the oriental chicken recipe.....

My kids would eat soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let them! My daughter doesn't eat bread so its usually soup for her in a thermos for lunch at school...and yes, I have to heat it up every morning!!!!!

Enjoy your meals!!!

A.D. said...

I def. want the chicken stroganoff recipe...like Rachael, I'll probably try to make it vegetarian! I can't believe people would throw away that much food. We LOVE leftovers, and we fight over who gets to take them in their lunch the next day if there is not enough! A lot of times, I think things taste even better the next day!

Shanna said...

My husband was the same way about leftovers when we first got married. I had to nip that in the bud really fast. Such a waste not to eat them, or try to make them into something else. I would like to try the stroganoff recipe, even in vegetarian!

Jess said...

Yes! Yes! Would love for you to psot the recipes! I love your recipes!!!

Meia said...

O.K. Carie, this is for you! I guess you might call me a blog stalker!! HA! You were sweet to post my recipes. Hope you enjoy! On the subject of leftovers... We always eat them! I can't stand to waste food. Also love menu planning...it's a must around here!

Southern Mom said...

We love leftovers! Many times I cook for two nights since we get home from soccer practice at 6:45. Then I just heat up the leftovers from the night before.

Org Junkie said...