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Sunday, July 6, 2008

I know, I know...

Seriously? I rarely let this much time go by without posting on this blog (now, the private family blog is a different story). But what with the holiday and all that, well, I just haven't been bloggy. You understand, right?

AR and her family came to visit on Thursday and stayed 2 nights with us. It sort of has become our Fourth of July tradition. I have pictures, but right now I am just too relaxed and lazy to go get my camera and share them with you! Ha!

Anyhow, Saturday morning my mother came and got the kids! So, that means Camp Nana 2008 is in full swing! Yesterday I laid out at the pool (by myself!), went to see "Hancock" with Hubs (it was okay, not as good as I thought, and a little creepy), and went to the local Japanese steakhouse (yum!). Today we slept late and so far I have watched "27 Dresses" (cute) and "Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood", made scrambled eggs for me and Hubs and well, that's about it! Lazy, I know! I plan on running later today and laying out at the pool and reading, because I can!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Fourth and a great weekend!


Lori said...

I have pool envy! I want one so bad, so I can have lazy days at the pool. Even if the moment only lasts as long as the baby's nap.

Rachael said...

Oh, I envy you the alone time. Sounds heavenly.

I was wondering how the running is going. Still on the 1/2-marathon plan? I had a BAD week, but was thrilled to be able to do six miles Saturday. I'll be sure to stick to the plan this week. I'm overdue for a weekly check-in but have been feeling a little slackerly myself (only slackerly with kids.) :)

AR said...

We had an awesome 4th with our awesome july friends! ; )