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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 10K

My time? 1 hour and 50 seconds. Not bad for my first time! It was fun and interesting. I will have to tell you all about it tomorrow!


JKW said...

You go girl!!!! I thought about you this morning. It was funny...I was there with another lady who was signed up for the 10k but decided that the lake sounded like more fun, lol...we said we were the "CR dropouts!!" Thanks so much for my packet!!! I just got your message and it is 9:30p.m....I had no reception at the lake. Can't wait to hear all about the race!!!

A.D. said...

WOW! Sounds like you were much more productive on your holiday weekend than I! Way to go...I can't wait to hear the details!

AR said...

I'm so proud of you and yes, I would love to try to run the CRR with you next year! That will now be a good goal for me to plan. Thanks for the sweet comment that you gave on my post. Love ya girl and our families need to get together real soon!!!! Enjoy your day w/out kiddies ;) Off to Garden Club.