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Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Dress

This is my easter dress. Cute huh? I got it at Target. I know! I couldn't believe it either. Its by Isaac Misrahi! I need to get some shoes for it. I was thinking red heels. What do you think? I was also thinking about trying to find a yellow cardigan to wear with it since it will probably be cool out on Easter Sunday and it ALWAYS cold inside our church.


JKW said...

Cute! I like the yellow cardigan idea and the red shoes!

A.D. said...

Love the dress. I would definitely throw some color in with a cardigan, shoes, or even a chunky red necklace. Every time I go to Target I can't find anything I like that hasn't already sold out of everything but size zero!

AR said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Targe' is so cool!

The 5 Bickies said...

I LOVE the dress and I think a yelloe cardigan and red or green shoes would look great. What Fun....hmmmm....might have to run to Target today.