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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bullet Points

Just a bit of randomness for you, because of the seven days of the week, I think Monday deserves it the most!

> I really wanted to get in a 13 mile run today, but only got a little over 9 in because my running partner was late.

> Lateness makes me crazy, I'm trying hard to get over it!

> Jennifer paid me a compliment today and Instead of just accepting it, I acted like a goober and said 'ugh, are you serious?, I look terrible!'

> I've been working very hard on just accepting compliments instead of acting like a goober when I receive them!

>Jennifer loves me even when I act like a goober.

> I just typed the word goober, three times.

> I attended the preschool graduation of my youngest child last night. I can't believe that he will start kindergarten next fall. (sigh)

> Its almost time for me to buy some new running shoes. I'm thinking of going the minimalist route. Any thoughts on this?

> While we were running we stopped off at the local kindergarten to get a sip of water, the PE class was jamming to Bon Jovi's "you give love a bad name". That's culture, Baby!

> I made a yummy vinaigrette by blending together 1 small pear, 1/4 c. Balsamic vinegar, 2 tsps. Dijon mustard, 1 clove of garlic and 1/3c. Water. So good!

> We are having unseasonably cold weather! Today's high was 65!

> We are skipping Little Brothers T-Ball game tonight because I can't bear the thought of sitting out in the cold watching a bunch
of 5 year olds pick flowers and play in the dirt, even if one of them happens to share my last name and is the cutest boy in the world.

> The self correct on my iPad has given me hours of entertainment lately. For instance, I was typing this Facebook message to a friend who is thinking of hiring a personal trainer, "He might make you do a bunch of burpees!". Apparently I typed the letter "T" instead of an "R" in the word Burpees. The message was sent before I saw the mistake so this is what she read "He might make you do a bunch of butlers!".

> Remember in my last post how I told you that anything could affect your run? Well, today it was the wind! I felt like we spent most of the time with it blowing in our faces and very little time with it at our backs! Here are our lap paces:

Mile 1: 10:02 (warm-up and I got a shin-splint!)
Mile 2: 9:13
Mile 3: 9:14
Mile 4: 9:12
Mile 5: 8:58 (here we made the turn and the wind was finally at our backs!)
Mile 6: 9:08 (we slowed down here b/c she had to take a phone call!)
Mile 7: 8:56
Mile 8: 8:41
Mile 9: 8:43

> I've got to stop worrying about my pace and get back to just enjoying a run!

So, that's all the randomness I have in me for today! I plan on being back tomorrow with a real post and maybe some info that you could actually use!


Question of the day: How are you at accepting compliments?

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