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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, Monday

Whew! Ladies I had a busy busy weekend! I've got a lot to talk about, so lets get this party started, shall we?

Saturday Hubs and I attended his nephew's wedding. They got married in one of the prettiest churches in this area. Its right next to the local university and is just so gorgeous. The ceremony was lovely, the bride radiant, and the groom, was the groom, just kidding, he looked more handsome than I could have imagined. It was really surreal seeing him all dressed up in a tux and taking his vows. He was a freshman in high school when Hubs and I started dating. The reception was at a local yacht and country club and was so much fun! We got to spend time with family that we had not seen in years. The food was so good, I really wish I could have asked for seconds, but thought that might be tacky, ya know? The band played all Mo-town music and was so good. We all dance until our feet hurt! The brides family was so much fun and I was so glad we got to meet them. Oh and guess what the father-daughter dance was to? My Girl. How perfect. I had tears in my eyes, truly, I did.

Sunday was church of course and afterward we took the kids to eat at a new restaurant. We've been trying to not eat out on Sundays and instead cook enough for dinner on Saturday night to have for leftovers on Sunday. However, my menu plan got messed up by the wedding (which I had totally forgotten about when I made the menu plan).

After lunch I took the girls to the Y so they could play while I worked out. (Did I mention that we joined the YMCA? We did). Anyhow, I decided to take the spin class for the first time. OH MY STARS! I love it. It was tough though,but that's what I need. I am very proud that my legs are just a little sore today, but my heinie is killing me! I can barely sit girls! But I can't wait to go back!

After spin class I got the girls from childcare and let them play in the kidzone for a little while. I saw a little picnic style table off to the side where a mom and her little girl were sitting. I asked her if anyone was sitting there and she said no, so I took a seat. I told her how cute her little girl was and then we just started talking, and talking, and talking. You know how a conversation begins and it just flows so easily and goes from one subject to the next seamlessly? Well, that's how this was. She has 3 kids, 2 girls and one boy (just like me!) but her boy is in the middle (and mine is the caboose, but you knew that). We talked about books, raising kids and food (all subjects near and dear to my heart) without my remembering how we even got on those subjects. Then, the subject of blogs came up. I was hesitant. Not many people that I know in real life know that I have a blog. Theres AR, JenD, Christel, JKW, Junebug, JulieW,JulieMc, my friends Mia and Laurie and that's all. I just don't tell everyone. I don't know why, but I think that some people would think I am crazy or stuck on myself or both. I gave her the blog address of Grocery Cart Challenge because we got to talking about food budgets. She said that she had totally gotten addicted to blogs and we talked about some blogs that we liked. Then she said "Do you have a blog?" I know my face got red. I thought about lying for just a second because I didn't want this potential new friend to think I was some looney toon. But honesty is the best policy, so I said "yes, do you?" And guess what? SHE HAS A BLOG! I was so relieved. She writes about food, her kids and books (but not in that order). You can go visit her here. Go visit and give her some comment love and tell her that you found her through me. But come back here, okay, cause I might get jealous! I kid, I kid. Oh, and guess what? She wants to do the 500/50 challenge. Its kismet I tell you! (although I don't believe in that!)

Okay, so its Monday, and you know what that means! Menu Plan! I have 2 roll-over items. One because my sister-in-law is in town and made a huge roast at my father-in-laws house and invited us to eat and I provide the yummy rolls and impressed everyone! The second meal rolled over because of the wedding. So here you have it! Whats on your menu? And more importantly, do you tell complete strangers that you have a blog?

Monday - Fried Rice with egg rolls
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and carrots
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - My sister -in-laws yummy vegetable soup
Saturday - Poppy seed chicken
Sunday - Leftovers


A.D. said...

No meal plan for me this week. I'm working over SEVENTY hours this week (no time for cooking with that kind of schedule)!!! I've told a lot of people IRL about my blog, and most of them always ask me what in the world I blog about (I guess my life is not that interesting to them)! Some people just don't get the blog thing :)!!!

JKW said...

That is funny about the other blogger:) No, I don't usually tell people that I have a blog...it seems that a lot of people at church found out I have one somehow. It isn't that interesting so I don't know why that would be someones topic of conversation:) Anyway...don't you just love how Spin Class kicks your butt literally...the soreness gets better...but oh man I know what you are talking about! Oh how I wish we could have leftovers around here...there is never enough leftover after one meal to carry over to another meal:( Either we are pigs or I just don't cook enough?! Ken usually eats a TON at dinner so I guess maybe that is the problem...he eats pretty light during the day and then expects a lot of food at night. Oh..and I have GOT to get my booty in gear with the running and book reading...I am so behind...I do have a little excuse with the running...my treadmill is broken and we can't figure out what is wrong...my gym membership ran out...and it is FREEZING...but that won't stop me from reaching the 500 miles...AR and I are meeting at the track across from the church in the morning to freeze our butts off after I drop H off at MDO!

Lisa said...

Coffee sounds great! My husband and I used to spend tons of time at that bookstore *before kids*. I could spend hours there.

I've never seen the bookstore close to BL's...I'll have to check it out.

Lisa said...

So, I didn't read this post before I left the other comment or I would have responded :-)

I was telling my hubby about you, and then started reading this post and started laughing about your *honesty*. Your face didn't turn red, but I knew the answer by the look on your face! Don't worry, as far as I know, only 4 of my friends know I have a blog. 2 also have blogs, 1 reads My Blessed Life all the time and found me, & the 4th moved to Texas so I thought it would be a good way to stay in touch. But that's it....it really does feel strange telling someone you have a blog....I guess it shouldn't be that way. Maybe I'll make a goal to tell at least one friend about this addiction I have!

So, do we keep up with our miles & books on our blog? I'm looking forward to the challenge. Maybe it will keep me motivated throughout the year. Thanks for the intro! I'm so glad we met yesterday.

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

My husband doesn't even know about my blog!!!!!! I have only told 3 people about it!!!

Yum, poppy seed chicken.....is it good?? recipe??!!!!

CM said...

Oh my stars! Poppy seed Chicken is sooo good. I will try to post the recipe later today. Its southern comfort food, inexpensive and a great way to use up left over chicken! Oh and its kid friendly!

Kally said...

The meal plan sounds YUMMY!
I signed up for the 500/50 in 2009 and posted about it on my blog. Let me know when you have a blinky and I'll put it up on the blog too :)