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Friday, December 12, 2008

You just won't believe it!

Guess what happened here last night? We got snow!! Not just a little dusting either! We got around 2 inches! Thats a lot for around here! It was so beautiful! We let the kids go out and play in it for a little while, but being that we live in the Deep South, we don't own snow gear, so they had to come in after a few minutes and dry out. They loved it though.

I feel bad for my dad! He is stuck in a hospital bed during all this beautiful weather and he loves snow! He's like a little kid when we get snow (which is like every five years!) He's doing well though!


JulieMc said...

I wish we would've gotten snow. All we got was rain, rain, rain.

AR said...

we got no snow!!!!

Junebug said...

Totally missed the story about your dad. Glad he is doing well.

Would love to see snow pics. People all over our area got snow. We got rain. :-(