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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Fifteen years ago I was 17. My life has not turned out anything like I thought it would back then. Its WAY better. However, I can't help but think of the things that I am doing now that I said I would never do. It makes me laugh, but most of all it makes me think.

I said I would never be a young bride, but I got married at 21.
I said I would never be a stay-at-home mom, but I've now been home for 7 years.
I said I would never be a young mother. I had my first child at 25.
I said I would never drive a mini-van. I currently drive a 2008 Honda Odyssey in gold. (my second van)
I said I would never be a runner. I love to run and have ran in two races this year.
I said I would never be an environmentalist. I still wouldn't call myself that, but lately I've been trying to find more ways to reduce our waste and recycle more.
I said I would never be a health nut. I do my best to serve healthy meals not only for myself but for my kids. I try to show them how to make better choices everyday.
I said I would never be a tight wad. I try to be a better steward over the money that God gives us every single day. I am now looking at it as a game. Sort of like "Beat my best deal" or "How little can I get by with today" type of thing.

I'm sure there are many more things that I am currently doing that I said I would never do. Sometimes we have to "eat crow" so to speak. Thinking about this today makes me wonder what I am missing out on because I have said "I will never...". It makes me wonder what God has in store for the rest of my life as He continually proves me wrong. (and boy, am I ever glad for that!)

What labels do you currently possess that you never thought you would?


Tabitha Blue said...

Such a great post!! I've said SO many of those same things... although, I still don't have a minivan :)

It's so true and I don't want to miss out on ANYTHING that God has for me!! I know His plans are way better than anything I could think up!!

Oh, and I love your blog title, btw!!! Sounds perfect!! :)


Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Your post made me laugh! So true. I definately said I would never drive a minivan..and yes I do! I also thought I would have all my kids by the time I was 30 and didn't have my first until 32. I always said I loved living in the south and "would never move back north" and then I met my husband and now I live in New Jersey!! Funny how things happen. Yes, God works in mysterious ways!

Jennifer P. said...

Just saw your URL pop up on my sitemeter and had to stop by and say hello! I never thought I would be a "stay at home mom". Growing up I seemed to be taught that to really be anything, you had to get out there and earn a living. I LOVE that I am making such an impact in the lives of my children on a daily basis, and that they know they can count on me at any time during the day to listen to them and watch them and play with them! Also never thought I'd be "a mini-van driver" :)....

Thanks for the great post---it sounds like you've got some pretty amamzing labels yourself!

CM said...

Hey Jen, so glad you dropped by. I know my blog is not nearly as entertaining as yours, but I hope you enjoy it just the same!

Tabitha Blue said...

Sorry no leaves there yet... I'm sure it'll be soon enough!! At that point, I'll be ready for the cold to leave. :)

JKW said...

Too funny...I said I would never drive a minivan too...but I LOVE mine...LOVE it!

Tabitha Blue said...

Thank you so much for the concern!! We did watch her closely, and thank God, she came out of it with flying colors!! She woke up this morning perfectly fine, sigh, I'm so relieved. I know it can be so dangerous and I'm just thankful for God's protection on her... that was the first thing to do, pray! Anyway, I really appreciate your concern, and totally understand it... I'm sorry you had to go through that. I think it's as traumatic for us as it is for them! Glad your little one is OK now too! :)