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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super easy game day chili

Hubs has been begging me to make a pot of chili ever since football season started a couple of weeks ago. The weather has been very warm around here. I just couldn't do it. Until today. The weather was down right chilly here (pun intended) this morning and we go drizzly rain most of the day which made it truly feel like fall has arrived. Just in time too. The weather was apropos with it being the first day of fall. So I thought I might share the chili recipe with you.

Just so you know this recipe is for the lazy cook and is super duper easy. I have tried to get fancy before and chopped up green peppers, onions and celery and sauteed them with my ground beef instead of using ro-tel and I have even added things like portobello mushrooms (which actually taste pretty good in it). But I ALWAYS come back to this recipe. This is the one Hubs asks for and the kids will eat it because it is mild and not too spicy. If you like spicy you can add a Little Tabasco to the pot or let the individual season their own bowls to their liking. This can also be make with ground turkey instead of beef or leave out the meat entirely and have vegetarian chili!

Super Easy Chili
1 pound lean ground beef
1 envelope mild chili seasoning (I like McCormick, but have used Chili-O)
1/4 cup water
3 cans chili beans
3 cans diced tomato's
1 can ro-tel

Cook ground beef a dutch oven until browned, drain. Return meat to pan and add seasoning packet and water. Stir. Add beans, tomatoes and Ro-tel. Stir. Cook over medium heat stirring occasionally until warmed through. Serve with Fritos, sour cream or shredded cheddar cheese.

Vegetarian Version: In a dutch oven, (or any big soup pot) mix all ingredients together except water. Cook until heated through.

(Psst. This is even better the next day!)


Lori said...

Um, vegetarian version has to leave out the water? what about the beef?
Actually I think I will try it the real version and the vegetarian one, I can make a vegetarian version by substituting beef with morningstar burger crumbles. Once it's cooked with the other ingredients I bet it'd be hard to tell the difference.

CM said...

Your probably right Lori!