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Monday, September 8, 2008

She knows what she wants to eat, um, I mean be, yeah be

For those of you new here (or just haven't caught on yet) I have 3 kids. 2 girls aged 7 and 4.5 and a little boy who is almost 3 (I can't talk about that right now, I might literally start weeping). Anyhow, my 4 year old doesn't eat much meat. Its not that she is all about animal rights or anything like that, she has just never been very fond of it. When she was a baby she would spit out those #3 baby foods that had meat in them. She might take a bite of two of a chicken nugget, but thats all. When she eats a cheese burger she strips off the bread, scraps the cheese off and eats it, eats just a little of the bread and MAYBE she will take a bite or two of the burger. She prefers vegetables and fruits.

Two weekends ago I told my neighbor, "You know, it won't surprise me one bit if at age 13 or so A comes to us and announces shes a vegetarian. She just doesn't really eat meat."

Last Wednesday I was in the kitchen rinsing dishes when A walks in. Here's how the conversation went.

A: Mom, I'm a vegetarian.

Me: (Thinking,"Huh, I thought I'd hear this at 13, 10 at the earliest but not 4.5.") What do you mean you're a vegetarian?

A: You know Mom, I'm a doctor that takes care of animals!

Me : (noticing little man on all fours beside her panting) No, baby, that's a Veterinarian. (laughing)

A: (hands on hips) That's what I said, stop laughing!

Then she proceeds to tell me how little man (whose doggy name is "Spot") had a hurt paw and she put medicine on it and bandaged it.

We're all just glad she knows her taste buds, I mean her mind, yeah, her mind.


Rachel Ann said...

Cute story. I never really ate meat as a child and when I turned 14 I decided to be a vegetarian. How funny!

Rachael said...

Yeah, she's totally going to be an animal rights vegetarian veterinarian! Cute. Just make her shave her legs, ok? (I mean when she's old enough of course!)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Aw, SO cute! I found your blog from Puttin on the GRITS and had to say hello...

Shanna said...

I walked into the kitchen at 13 and told my mom I was a vegetarian! Still am to this day (almost 20 years later). We saw a meat processing film at school.. that sealed the deal.

Lori said...

I've always been a vegetarian so I can't say for sure, but I think even if I wasn't already, I would have become one on my own.
Hey if she does go vegetarian at least they have a lot more options than they used to, and restraunts are more vegetarian friendly it seems.
Very cute story.