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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guess what?

I bought I new crock pot on Friday. This is so sad, and I can't believe I am admitting it, but, I was so excited! Ha! Fifteen years ago I would have totally thought that someone excited about a new crock pot was a total nerd and needed to get out more, well, now I'm the nerd. And I probably need to get out more! Anyhow, its stainless steel and red (so pretty) and it came with a free little dipper crock. That thing is so cute that I couldn't wait to use it. I even started talking to it and telling it how cute it was and EC said "Mom, its a crockpot, it can't hear you!" I made Hubs some cheesy bacon dip in it yesterday for to eat while he watched his team totally roll-over Georgia. He was a happy man I tell you.

Anyhow, I plan on being back here tomorrow morning and giving you guys my meal plan. I didn't post last week, but I still made one! And I have loads of random things I want to talk about. Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I can totally relate...guess I am a nerd too!!!!!!!!

Tonight was a roast in the crockpot....so so yummy

JKW said...

Now you have me wanting that crockpot that you just got! Ha...I used mine twice this week...one time for chicken, green beans and potatoes and then for Meia's stroganoff. Yummy:) I plan to use mine a lot more...it is just too easy! If you get time throw in the cheesy bacon dip recipe...sounds good. Hope everyone around your house is doing well!

Capegirl said...

You've been tagged. Crockpots are one of the underrated kitchen items. Working and cooking are often mutally exclusive-but with my trusty All Clad anything is possible.

Christy said...

I tend to get overly excited at any kitchen appliance, and did especially when I got my crock pot for Christmas from Hubby a few years back. So don't worry you are not alone :)>