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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fear Not

JKW raised a good concern in a comment on the previous post. She wrote : "Woah, CM. Did you see the calorie count on that lasagna?" Yep, I did. It said that the calories for 4 servings was 1118. I knew we would get more than four servings out of a crock pot full of lasagna. We actually had more than half left over. Rachael stated that all 6 of her family members ate it and had half left as well. Going by the numbers provided by Recipe Zaar, I figured that the entire pot of lasagna has 4472 calories. Going by what Rachael stated, a family of 6 would be able to make 2 meals off an entire pan which would be 12 servings. 4472 divided by 12 is 373 calories per serving. I also used low fat cottage cheese and I used part skim mozzarella and used only half the mozzarella. I also used lean ground beef and whole wheat pasta. Having said all that, I KNOW that the serving of lasagna I ate did not have 1118 calories in it! I also eat less lasagna than the average person because for some reason I HAVE to eat it with a big salad.

So there you have it. Eat the lasagna and enjoy it without fear.

Oh and one last thing : If you can eat one-fourth a crock pot of lasagna, I hope you are a marathon runner and run at least 13 miles a day. You would have to to work off that much food!


Lori said...

I have to say you are motivating me to pull out the crock pot. I only wish they made mini crocks, I only have 2 in my family, and one is a vegetarian and one carnivore which makes things a bit more difficult.

JKW said...

LOL~ Thanks for clarifying that...not that I have been very careful about what I am eating lately anyway...but seeing that calorie count steered me away! I'll have to try it:) Thanks girly and hope you had a fantastic Happy "DAY":)

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

That's my favorite line too!!!! She's all tipsy on the phone with her hair in curlers...I LOVE IT!