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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whose with me?

If you haven't been here in the last couple of days, keep scrolling and read the previous post. It will give you some insight into my inspiration for this post.

I want to go the entire next week without eating out. No take-out, no hurried lunches. To do this I will have to plan. And possibly make a trip to the grocery store, but my goal is to fix what we have on hand without having to make a trip out.

Monday is a no-brainer, its labor day and Hubs is home so we will likely grill out. (actually that's my sneaky way of getting him to cook. I refuse to learn how to use the grill, and fain fear of it, Ha!) I hope to get him to grill enough so that on Tuesday night we can have leftovers since I have to take EC to Baton sign-ups, and I have a Junior League Board meeting at 6 and a regular League meeting at 7. On Wednesday morning I hope to load the crock-pot with something yummy since we have church at 6. Thursday should be a little easier but I hope that I can cook enough in the crock pot on Wednesday to have leftovers on Thursday. I can probably convince Hubs to grill again on Friday night (and hopefully have left-overs on Saturday).

Want to join me? Comment on this post and put your meal action plan on your blog! I can't wait to hear from you! I'll post my plan here on Monday morning!

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AR said...

you have inspired me!!!! I'm going to work on a plan.