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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My morning by the numbers

Time I got up this morning: 4:30
Miles ran: 3.75*
Number of times I had to tell 6 year old girl to hurry up: 20
Number of fits thrown by the 2 preschoolers: 4
Number of time-outs I've given: 2
Number of breakfasts made: 4
Number of times I've threatened that if they don't straighten up and fly right that we will not be going to super fun end-of-the-year party at the Splash Pad today: 1
(Because I only threaten once and I am NOT putting up with anymore shenanigans this morning, I could just as easily stay home and do laundry today)

Its only 7:40 people! Lord, give me strength!

* I just couldn't do anymore than that this morning. I've been doing 6.5 every single time I run but I'm just having one of those days. My legs felt like they were made of lead!


JulieMc said...

I finally found you. I've been checking your other blog and there is always nothing new. Now I know!!! I miss you!! Wish I could have seen you last week, but, I didn't know!! Maybe I will see you soon! Love you!

Rachael said...

Yikes. You get up early. You are crazy motivated. You deserve all of your success! I am NOT a morning person. When I was marathon training, I'd run at 6 am but it was SO HARD to get going. Once I get going though, I usually do feel like I get a much more effective work out if I do it in the am instead of the pm. My legs ALWAYS feel like lead if I work out at night. Some mornings they're just like that too. Good for you for persevering 3+ on one of those days. HAVE FUN AT THE WATER PARK (assuming your kids get their acts together! :))

JKW said...

I have many a days like that..lol..Question...if you think about it and don't mind..will you pick up my race packet for me when you pick up yours. I contacted them and told them I am going to be out of town and they said someone else can get it. If you don't remember don't worry about it...I am just curious as to what free goodies are in it!! Thanks!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

don't worry! I am only going away for the weekend. I can't wait for my package!!