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Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Back!

Ok, I have to make a confession. I told you a little lie. Yes, our internet connection was messed, the cable company did tell us that it would be Tuesday of last week before they could fix it, and yes, I was writing that post from the local public library. However, Hubs couldn't handle not having the internet so he called his best friend who is a computer whiz and they put their heads together and figured out the problem and had the internet connection back within 24 hours. However, I was extremely busy that day because I was packing for SAN FRANCISCO! Yep, Hubs and I spent all of last week in the city by the bay! We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary! Now, lest you feel sorry for our children because they were left with grandparents, don't. They are now in what we call "Nana Detox". This consists of a few simple rules...

1. No, we can not go to Dairy Queen EVERYDAY.
2. No, you can not stay up as late as your little heart desires.
3. No, you can not have 20 popsicles a day.
4. And no, I am not mean. You are just spoiled.

Anywho, We had a great time! Hopefully I will get around to posting pictures today, but I have a ton of laundry to do!


JKW said...

JEALOUS....I knew where you were all along..but didn't say anything...so glad you had a great time..AR kept me up to date on all the fun things you were doing:) So..did you exercise and eat right, lol...I really hope not because if you did..you are NUTS;)

Rachael said...

Sounds wonderful.

AR said...

Oh, she got her exercise alright, walking into a store, out the store and into another. ;) Glad you're back and can't wait to hear all about it!

A.D. said...

Sounds like fun! I'm so glad your back. I missed reading your posts!

hawkitd said...

Glad you had fun! Mine have never spent a week with grandparents, the most was 4 days. However T's parents come for a week at a time, and I am there with them, but we still have to detox. Heck, my parents can come up for the afternoon and we have to detox.
We are going to be up there May 17 for ArtsAlive, but just for the day. Maybe we can meet up. If not, we are spending the weekend there in July for HandyFest. My boys love the Marriott pool.
Take Care!

CM said...

We will meet up! Let me know for sure. Email me and I will give you my number! My kids love that pool too!

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