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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just some stuff

I don't think I have ever done a really long post that just sort of rambles on this blog. I think I may have on the other blog, but its been a while. I am also too lazy to upload pics off my camera right now, so no pics from the weekend trip to the mountains (I know, I'm sad too) but maybe I can get to those tomorrow, maybe.

We had a blast in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. To be honest it probably was too far of a drive for us to have only stayed 2 days on 3 nights, but the kids had fun and so did we. There was still a good deal of snow up on the mountains, so the kids got to play around a little in it so that was good since my little southern chickadees just don't get to see snow. I was really afraid to go on a trip because I was worried about having to eat out so much. I did well though and didn't gain any weight.

I have recently purchased "Eat This, Not That". You guys HAVE to get this book. It has so much info on eating healthy at home and at restaurants. There are sections devoted to the worst foods in the country, what you should eat everyday, eating out at restaurants, eating at home, eating during the holidays, and how to feed your kids. I sat and read it from cover to cover and have reread several of the sections. This book opened my eyes to how I have eaten in the past and the reason I am even having to not diet! I think everyone should own this book and every doctor should recommend it to all their patients who are struggling with weight. I truly believe that anyone who reads this book will change their eating habits ASAP! It is kind of like the book version of the movie "Super Size Me", except its not just about McDonald's and it has actual nutritional information. I hope you all have seen that movie by the way. If not, run, don't walk to your local video store and rent it. It might gross you out, but I promise you won't look at McDonald's the same way again!

Has anyone seen the series on Discovery Health channel called "The truth about food". Its in reruns right now but you could set your Tivo up to record it. As far as I can tell right now there are 3 installments "How to stay slim" ,"How to be Healthy" and "How to feed your kids". Great show and its hosted my Oprah's doctor of choice Dr. Oz. On the show they talk about all the reasons you could be gaining weight, the foods you should eat, and what you should or should not be feeding the kids. The show about feeding the kids was very informative and I have already used some of the advice they gave on my kids.

Today A had to get some dental surgery done and while waiting for her I struck up a conversation with one of the volunteers there at the hospital. I mentioned something about having 3 kids and she looked at me shocked and said "Girl, I would have never guessed you have given birth to 3 kids, you are just tiny!" Boy, did that ever feel good.

Why is it that some of the people that are closest to you can never be proud for you? Now, before you go trying to guess who I am talking about, just know that 1) I am not going to tell you and 2)It's not my husband. There is someone in my life that I recently told I lost 11 pounds and am running 3.5 miles 4-5 times a week. This person not only never said "That's great!" but then went on to make faces when I was explaining the eating plan I am on, asked me if I was becoming a vegetarian (no) while making a face, and preceded to tell me about someone they used to know that was so healthy and ate right and exercised and then died of a brain tumor at a young age.(like the two things had anything to do with each other and that I just might get a brain tumor and die BECAUSE I am trying be healthy)! Oh well, I just keep reminding my self that I am doing this for me!


JKW said...

That person sounds like they are related to my old boss. When I found out I was pregnant with K she said...oh "How far along are you"? and I told her and she said...well you better be careful I had two miscarriages at that far along...I mean...seriously was that necessary to tell a pregnant person..especially a first time Mom!! Some people are just stupid and you have to ignore them!

I will definitely be purchasing the book you mentioned...sounds interesting. Glad you had a fun weekend!

Sometime...when you get a chance can you explain what exactly you are doing on your No Diet plan right now? Just curious as to what you are eating.

Rachael said...

The jellyfish is probably just jealous.

I love Dr. Oz's books actually. "You, the Owners Manual" and "You, on a Diet". They are great if you haven't read them.

I am not having the great side effect of weight loss that you are with this C25K plan, but I've started "dieting" this past week, and I'm really going to work on making some positive, permanent changes. I want to lose 11# too!!!

A.D. said...

I think some people try to use that kind of logic to make themselves feel better for not living a healthier lifestyle. It is good that you are trying to ignore them and realize you are doing it for yourself!!
I'll definitely check out that book. Thanks for the rec!

CM said...

Thanks for the rec Rach! I will have to pick those up. I've seen them at the store many times but have passed them up. I like Dr. Oz because he seems real. I don't like Oprah though. Just thought I'd throw that one in there.

Renee said...

Yeah!! I am proud of you and I am glad I finally found your new blog. I thought about your no diet plan the other day (as the cadbury creme egg was heading to my mouth) and started thinking that I need to do this too. I even told Shannon I need a treadmill..HAHA....keep up the good work, and I agree, you DO NOT look like you have three kids!

Is there a website where there is more info about the couch to 5k thing?

CM said...

Yeah Renee! I'm glad you finally found my blog! I will post info about C25K

Jitterbug said...

I have a person like this in my life too...except he says I will get hit by a car and die that way. (not my hubby)