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Friday, March 14, 2008

Expensive Snack Food

Bag of Cheesy Popcorn - $2.50
Price to remove popcorn kernel from nostril - $3441
Having a sweet little boy living in your house - priceless

I know, I know, your mouth is hanging open right now. Yep, that's not a typo, it costs $3441 to remove a popcorn kernel that is deeply wedged inside a 2 year old little boys nostril! I am thanking God for my Hubby's wonderful job that provides us with excellent medical coverage. Thankfully we only had to pay a $100 co-pay!

We arrived at the surgery center at 8 a.m. yesterday morning. I brought along "The Abs Diet" thinking I had time to read a least a chapter of it. Well, I read one page. He was back there all of 5 minutes. They put him to sleep using gas, removed the kernel and woke him up. We were out of there by 9. He was fine the rest of the day and played outside all afternoon! I had hope that maybe he would learn the lesson not to stick anything up his nose anymore, but Hubs pointed out to me last night that he's only 2 and right now has a very short memory, so the chances of him doing this again are very high! The following is a portion of an email my Hubby received from a co-worker about the things her daughter stuck up her nose as a child. I thought it was pretty funny and had to share!

There was a Good -n- Plenty candy....That was the first one. The Dr. said it would dissolve...and it did...OUT her nose, for a few days, first pink, then the black licorice.

Once there was a peanut, which we had to work out from the outside of her nose....we were on vacation, thank goodness we got it out...

Then there was the infamous red Lego piece......a tiny little red Lego. That one took pinning her down screaming at the Dr.'s Office, as he used the tiniest of forceps to pull it out...

We really did to learn to keep things smaller than her nostril away form her. She's 17 now, hopefully she has learned her lesson! And she was the third child, so it was not easy with 2 older kids to take care of while we were removing things from her nose.

Here's my sweet boy. If he's sticking things up his nose at 2, I shutter to think about what he will be doing at 10.

And just so you get some perspective on the kernel, here it is in my six year olds hand.


JKW said...

I know this wasn't so funny at the time...but all I can do is laugh! Kids do the craziest things! I am so glad that C is ok and that the popcorn kernel episode is now behind you!

Rachael said...

Glad he wasn't traumatized or anything! And thank goodness for insurance!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I have to tell you my little cousin got tissue stuck up her nose and it begain to stink. They all thought it was her breath. My dad finally figured out it was coming from her nose, got serious DR tweezers and got it out. It was all green and NAAAAssssstttyyy. She was two also. She is now 13 and keeps her nose clean. HA