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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I can't live without right now

With all of this "no dieting" going on with me I have had to pick up some tools that give me a little help. I'm the kind of person that if I find something great and that I like I have to pass that info on to someone. I can't just keep it to myself! You probably guessed that already though!

1. My pink ipod Nano. We've had this conversation before. There is no way I could get through a workout without it.

2. My spiral bound journal. The first couple of weeks I tried to keep up with my daily calories in my head and realized that as a SAHM of 3, that was a no go. I was at Hobby Lobby and they had the cutest little spiral bound journals for $1.99. They had tons of colors. These are the perfect size to keep sitting out on your countertop or to take to work with you. This has made this whole thing so much easier for me.

3. My calorie counting book. True, much of what we eat has the calories printed for you right on the side of the package. But what about produce? Your banana has no nurtitional info printed on it. So, I picked one up and I swear I use it every single day. The one I have also has a section of restaurant foods in the back so I can refer to it before we go out to eat.

4. A really good sports bra. The girls are jiggly enough after having 3 kids, I don't need any more jiggling going on while I'm trying to run.

5. Really good running shoes. I prefer Nike right now because that is what I am used to. But, if you plan on running for any length of time, do yourself a favor and get a really good pair.

6. You guys. Yep, all of you. You keep me motivated, on track and accountable. I can't believe the support I have gotten from all of you. It really has made this journey a little easier.


JKW said...

Thanks for all of your tips and finds! You definitely keep me motivated! Now..I just HAVE to get back to the gym Monday..it will have been two weeks..I can't believe it! Are you following a certain number of calories a day?

Kate said...

Personally, I find the WW points easier to keep track of than just calories. I do it on my own (ie - no meetings) when I feel like my eating is off track. I write down what I eat & the pts. value if things are feeling too snug or too loose to keep a handle on what I'm really eating. Somehow it seems easier to have "20 point" to deal with rather than 1500 cal, 1800 cal, etc.

CM said...

Yeah, the points is probably easier, but I don't have any WW materials to tell what foods are what points. I want to get the calculator and some of the books though. I refuse to go to any of the meetings. I have a friend that needs to lose what I do and we are same height and she went to a local meeting and they were rude to her. She said on woman said "Why are you even here?". 130 pounds on a woman who is 5'6' is a lot differant than 130 pounds on a woman who is 4'11". I am thinking about ordering some ww things on ebay.

CM said...

And JKW, I am eating anywhere from 1200 to 1550 calories a day. On the days I don't get to exercise I try to keep it at 1200-1300. On the days I do exercise I allow myself to eat up to 1550. I never eat below 1200.